Exceed Your Net Retention Goals

Pave a clear path for your team to engage, renew, and grow accounts with context-driven conversations.

Exceed Your Net Retention Goals
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Renewals And Expansions - Net Retention Goals
Renewals And Expansions Sms

Deliver a connected customer experience across sales, success, and support.

Modern sales and service teams earn trust and repeat business by creating meaningful interactions that add value no matter which team is in the driver’s seat. The entire team needs to understand each account—including the specific challenges they’re facing, how they’re dealing, and how your solution can help.

01. Learn From Every Customer Interaction

Enable every customer-facing team to show up prepared and knowledgeable of customer needs with a complete 360-degree customer view. Automate the tracking and analysis of every customer interaction.

02. Expand Your Reach

Leverage cadences to expand into new business units while maintaining a pulse on customer sentiment to determine when to engage in upsells. Automate renewal touchpoints to ensure you deliver a consistent buying experience across the entire customer journey.

03. Create Fans

Maintain consistent engagement across every customer-facing team to ensure that you are creating fans and creating value at every step in the customer journey.

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Experience the next generation of IVR and build an intelligent Call Flow in under 90 seconds.

Never Miss an Opportunity

Trigger customized cadences based on renewal dates and get alerted when upsell opportunities arise. Conquer Visual Cadence Builder lets you plan, guide, and execute sales and service workflows through a series of prescribed and often automated customer touchpoints.

Conquer Visual Cadence Builder
Empowering Customer Engagement

Stay in Touch With Your Customers

Increase your team’s productivity by empowering customer engagement easily across each channel, including voice, email, SMS, social, and more — no platform-switching required. Conquer unifies and optimizes all your communications, making it easier to deliver a cohesive, consistent customer experience every time.

Keep a Pulse on Customer Engagement

Track outcomes and gauge customer sentiment based on conversations and touchpoints. Gain a deeper understanding of your customer’s needs and make it easier to identify upsell opportunities and share those insights across departments to create and win new revenue. 

Conquer Cadences Builder

The value of Conquer is predominantly how much it’s allowing us to see into what our fans are talking about…and at the same time, it just keeps allowing us to put more information into the hands of our ticket office reps as well.

Joshua Gomez

Data Specialist, Minnesota Vikings