Make Operations a Competitive Advantage

Accelerate onboarding, standardize processes and eliminate data silos. Conquer helps ops teams minimize platform sprawl and consolidate their tech stack.

Make Operations a Competitive Advantage
Cloud Contact Center Simplified
Revenue Engagement Call Flows Builder

Eliminate data sync issues & reduce complexity.

Conquer makes it easy for operational teams to build and maintain a connected customer experience. Give sales and service teams the functionality they need without sacrificing agility with the only end-to-end revenue engagement solution designed to scale across every customer-facing team.

01. Unify Communications

Manage and proactively respond to customer interactions from across every channel, all within a single interface.

02. Capture Actionable Data

Capture every interaction and outcome, every time. Free up the data siloed within point solutions and eliminate the gaps and inconsistencies caused by manual data entry. 

03. Maintain Security & Compliance

Eliminate data security concerns by eliminating the need to sync customer information to third-party databases. Make it easy to maintain call recording compliance and process adherence.

Conquer Call Flows gif

Experience the next generation of IVR and build an intelligent Call Flow in under 90 seconds.

Centralize Workflows & Reporting

Eliminate the need to export .csv files in order to get all your engagement data into CRM. Build automated workflows in Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics that quickly connect to Conquer touchpoints and outcomes. Simplify reporting and business processes at the same time.

Centralize Workflows & Reporting
Work From Within a Single Platform

Work From Within a Single Platform

The security and scale of Salesforce and Microsoft combined with the simplicity of a single platform. Keeping everything within your current CRM flattens the learning process and allows your ops team to stay agile. Drag-and-drop visual builders across Call Flows (IVR) and cadences allow anyone to quickly create and share new customer experiences. 

Accelerate Onboarding & Enablement

Decrease agent ramp time and get new employees up and running quickly.  Customize layouts and components based on business unit, role, seniority, or experience all from within your current CRM user profiles. Eliminate the need to duplicate work across systems.

Accelerate Onboarding & Enablement

It’s not just a spray and pray methodology like back in the day…this is helping you plan your day. You use this tool to simplify your process all in one view.

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