The Only CRM-Native Solution Built for Your Tech Stack

For Enterprise teams on Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics looking to overcome their Sales Engagement and Contact Center challenges. Conquer connects every communication touchpoint and channel in one central location–where your team already works.

Switch between platforms to see how Conquer can work for you and your team.

Enable growth while reducing complexity. 

Eliminate Conflict Resolution Problems 

Stop relying on complex integrations that copy customer information into duplicate databases. With Conquer, you maintain a central source of truth, know what’s changed in every field, know what goes where, without causing sync loops, conflict errors, or overwriting an entire record. That’s why native matters.

Centralize Data Governance

Conquer is built on both the Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics platforms. Both cloud platforms feature robust and flexible security architecture trusted by companies across the globe, including those in the most heavily regulated industries — from healthcare to financial services.

Proven Enterprise
 Security & Scale

 Fortune 100 companies trust our security and compliance because Conquer has native applications built on both the Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 platforms. Conquer is built to be the most secure and reliable communication solution in the industry.

Make it easy to plan, execute, and measure all sales and service communications.

Exactly Where Your Team Works

With over 400+ 5-star reviews on Salesforce AppExchange and the most sales engagement deployments within the ecosystem, see why Enterprise organizations on Salesforce trust Conquer to drive revenue engagement.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Logo

The only fully-native application in our category within the Microsoft AppSource and a trusted communication solution for both sales and service. See why teams on Dynamics 365 trust Conquer to enable Digital Sellers.

Industry-leading brands on Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 choose Conquer

Supercharge Sales Productivity

Unify communication across every channel—all from within a single platform. Combine email, voice, social, text, and other helpful integrations to allow for easy access to every channel you need, when your customer prefers it.

Empowering Customer Engagement
Activate Digital Sellers

Activate Digital Sellers

Empower managers and enablement teams to quickly build cadences that help their sales teams gain access, book meetings and win revenue. Orchestrate engagements over any communication channel.

Optimize For Growth

Track all the important interactions and engagements. Use outcome data to measure results, optimize growth, and determine the next best action for a prospect depending on how their previous interaction went.

Conquer Visual Cadence Builder

I can see Conquer working extremely well for our digital team.

Global Vice President of Sales

Fortune 500 Company

Why Choose Conquer?

01. Simplicity

Conquer lives within the CRM platform your team uses today. Simply install, configure, and start working with Conquer for both Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

02. Experience

Give your team the superpowers they need to sell, serve, and support customers in a digital-first, always-on world.

03. Agility

Increase your team’s productivity and give reps 30% of their time back each day. Keep your ops team agile by reducing the number of platforms within your tech stack.

04. Scale

Eliminate security concerns, maintain compliance, and keep everything and everyone working inside your current CRM platform.

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Experience the difference.

Build and execute an outbound omnichannel sales cadence in less than 90 seconds.