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Leverage the full power and security of the world’s leading CRM platforms.

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Switch between platforms to see how Conquer can work for you and your team.

The most engaging addition to your Customer 360.

Every Channel

Conquer acts as an engagement layer inside of Salesforce, enabling inbound and outbound communication across all of your communication channels from within your current workspace.

Every Touchpoint

Plan, execute, track and measure every interaction from within Salesforce. Simplify your team’s day by guiding engagement and consolidating platforms and tools.

Every Team

Conquer was built to work seamlessly across the entire Salesforce Ecosystem. This includes Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and all of the Salesforce Industry Clouds—to enable all of your customer-facing teams.

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Where Your Salesforce Is Already Working

Connect every customer touchpoint along the entire journey directly inside of your CRM.
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Complete Your Customer 360

Conquer is the only all-in-one solution to unify every communication touchpoint inside of Salesforce. Unlike outbound dialers, our complete Conquer Voice package enables both the inbound and outbound capabilities needed across sales, success, and support. Pair that with SMS, Email, LinkedIn, and Facebook Messenger, and now you’re talking omnichannel.

Empowering Customer Engagement
Conquer Cadence Builder

Drive and Prescribe Workflows

With an intuitive drag-and-drop Visual Builder, Conquer Cadence enables the creation of multi-touch cadences without ever leaving Salesforce. With nonlinear decision points, our cadences automatically guide prospects down the best path of engagement and present users with simple instructions along the way.

Measure, Analyze, and Improve

Automatically capture all activity and important metrics throughout every step of the buyer journey. Analyze responses to touchpoints, track progression through cadences, observe sentiment, and gain insight into which strategies are resulting in revenue growth.

Measure, Analyze, And Improve

The ultimate benefit of Conquer is developing a narrative with consistent contact. It helps you keep a steady course with who you’re calling and emailing, and ensures that nothing will be lost in translation.

Sales Leader

Fortune 500 Company

01. Experience

Give your team the superpowers they need to sell, serve, and support customers in a digital-first, always-on world.

02. Agility

Increase your team’s productivity and give reps 30% of their time back each day. Keep your ops team agile by reducing the number of platforms within your tech stack.

03. Simplicity

Conquer lives within the CRM platform your team uses today. Simply install, configure, and start working with Conquer for both Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

04. Enterprise Scale

Eliminate security concerns, maintain compliance, and keep everything and everyone working inside your current CRM platform.

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Want to see Conquer in action?

Want to see Conquer in action?