Questions about Pricing?

As a Salesforce and Microsft Dynamics 365 native application, our sales engagement solution is tailored to each company based on their specific use cases and CRM Platform. Conquer pricing is based on a monthly Conquer managed package license fee plus usageTo learn more about pricing and what you can expect, set up a meeting with our team or chat with Blaze.

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Create an outbound sales cadence or streamline inbound call routing in under 90 seconds with our on-demand product tour.

Guide the Right Interactions

Supercharge your omnichannel strategy with Conquer Cadence. Drive and prescribe the next-best actions and activities to accelerate leads through the buying process.

Omnichannel Strategy With Conquer Cadence
Conquer Cadence - Inbound & Outbound Voice

Streamline Inbound & Outbound Voice

Connect with any dial tone provider to make and receive calls any way you choose — desktop, cell phone, or VoIP. Sequence the right call steps, display call scripts, and present opportunities for personalization using the customer information found in your CRM. Track call recordings, caller sentiment, call outcomes, and performance.

Keep Teams Working Inside Your CRM Platform

Gain real-time access to all your data and reports. Built as an application that only exists inside of Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365, we unify customer data, communications, activity tracking, and reporting to a single platform that you already use.

Keep Teams Working Inside Your Crm Platform