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Conquer makes it easy to plan, execute, and measure the entire customer journey inside CRM. Manage every communication channel and keep your messaging and your results consistent.

Empowering Customer Engagement

The only end-to-end solution to help enterprise sales &
service teams conquer their day.

For Conquer, it’s all about connection. We make it simple for sales and service teams to execute, track, and connect every customer interaction directly inside Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Sales Engagement That Gets Results

Scroll between these sections to see how Conquer accelerates outbound engagement to help sellers gain access and grow pipeline, while also reducing inbound hold times and routing customers to the right agent every time.

01. Gain Access

Surround prospects with meaningful engagement across multiple channels. Add value and engage across email, voice, text, and LinkedIn to catch the attention of prospects and build trust.

02. Increase Efficiency

Eliminate busywork and operate with a new level of efficiency. With touchpoints and cadences tied directly to CRM automation, teams dramatically increase sales productivity and improve CRM data quality at the same time.

03. Generate More Pipeline

Qualify prospects faster, with more efficiency, and ensure every seller is following the same steps every time. Guide sellers through the sales process and streamline critical data entry. 

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Experience the difference. Take a self-guided tour.

Optimize Your Customer Experience

Scroll between these sections to see how Conquer reduces inbound hold times and routes customers to the right agent every time, while also accelerating outbound engagement to help sellers gain access and grow pipeline.

01. Strengthen Relationships

Execute a personalized customer journey with ease. Focus on serving customers and leave the rest to Conquer. Automatically perform tedious, manual tasks such as logging activities and outcomes, updating fields, converting leads, and creating opportunities.

02. Improve Operational Agility

Plan, execute and measure every customer interaction from directly within your CRM. Simplify onboarding and contact center management while streamlining your agent’s workflows.

03. Increase Renewals

Quickly route customers to the best possible agent who can meet their needs. Automate emails, capture call recordings, and gain insight into how customers are engaging with your service teams.

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Experience the difference. Take a self-guided tour.

The Capabilities You Need, Inside A Platform You Trust

Digitally connect the entire customer journey and enable your team to succeed.

Guided Selling

Drive and prescribe the right sales actions and activities across your sales process. Accelerate the execution of touchpoints and optimize cadences to book more meetings, generate pipeline, and increase win rates. Read More..

Activity Capture

Reduce the amount of time your team spends updating CRM and eliminate busywork by automatically capturing every interaction and outcome across voice, text, email, LinkedIn, and more. Read More..

Workflow Automation

 Streamline repetitive tasks and eliminate the busy work of manually inputting data, closing tickets, and sending emails. Read More..

Digital Customer Service

Reduce time-to-resolution and enhance the customer journey with intelligent call routing, screen pops, and more. Read More..

Recordings + Compliance

Simplify state-by-state recording compliance. Capture every call in stereo and easily connect recordings to integrations for analysis and coaching. Read More..

Reporting + Analytics

Capture every customer interaction and outcome to understand customer sentiment and engagement patterns. Read More..

Industry leading brands using Salesforce and Microsoft choose Conquer.

Enable Omnichannel Communication

Say goodbye to switching screens. Send, receive, track, measure, and optimize all your customer interactions from a single platform.


Click-to-call, leave pre-recorded voicemails, and save your team’s time.
Read More…


Send emails, use templates, and track outcomes from inside your CRM.
Read More…


Compliant text messaging, captured in CRM, with your current business phone. Read More…


Send social messages, do research, and quickly connect with prospects. Read More…

Make It Simple To Plan, Execute, Automate & Measure Every Touchpoint

Gain the tools and insights you need to conquer your revenue goals.


Design, prescribe, and deliver the best series of customer touchpoints across all communication channels. Read More…

Call Flows

Visually map complex Call Flows (IVR) to route your inbound customers to the best team or agent to help. Read More…


Eliminate busywork, such as logging activities and updating fields, and drive CRM adoption. Read More…


Track and measure the results of every interaction to use that data to optimize future outreach. Read More…

Accelerate Your Ability to Build, Test, and Optimize

With our Visual Cadence Builder, sales operations or enablement teams can quickly develop, deploy and optimize omnichannel cadences to support any stage of the buyer journey.

Conquer Cadence Builder
Learn About Omnichannel

Move Between Channels, Without Switching Platforms

Help your team manage interactions across email, voice, text, and social in a single place to ensure communication with prospects is fast and effective.

CRM-Native Architecture

Built as an application that only exists inside of Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365, we unify customer data, communications, activity tracking, and reporting to a single platform that you already use. 

CRM-Native Architecture

…The program itself allows my sales representatives to send a voicemail, email, and update an account with one click for each! I can track how efficient my team is, and see when is the best time for them to call.

Adam Goldberg

Manager of Business Development, Learfield IMG
Salesforce AppExchange