Track & Measure Each Touchpoint, Automatically

Avoid mind-numbing busywork while maintaining a complete view of your engagement. Track, measure, and optimize every cadence with ease.

Conquer Track & Measure Each Touchpoint, Automatically

Spend time connecting with prospects & building relationships, rather than updating fields in CRM.

Save Time

Spend more time engaging prospects by automatically logging every call, email, text, social interaction, and the outcomes in real-time.

Gain Context

Capture important information to personalize future messages with ease and strategic insights that guide leadership.

Increase Visibility

Measure performance and identify what’s working best. Understand what’s working across teams, help reps focus on what matters most and identify how it impacts revenue. 

Accountability Comes Standard

Take the manual process of tracking and logging activities out of the hands of your sales team with automatic logging. Eliminate the “he said, she said” game and avoid having to look across multiple devices to get the truth.

Quantitative and Qualitative Reporting

The Conquer platform is sales efficiency at its finest.

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Automatically Track Every Touchpoint, Optimize Engagement Across Every Channel

Activity Capture

Reduce the amount of time your team spends updating CRM and eliminate busywork by automatically capturing every interaction and outcome across voice, text, email, LinkedIn, and more.


Analyze every metric, including touchpoint outcomes, cadence results, call sentiment, and meetings booked. Associate every interaction to revenue won and meaningful business outcomes.


Identify and feed insights back into your workflow to improve results across every touchpoint.


Connect and monitor every communication channel across voice, email, text, LinkedIn, and more from a single user interface that makes it simple to effectively engage with prospects and customers.

Call Recording Redaction

Maintain recording compliance in one-party and two-party consent states throughout the United States. Set your recording compliance rules in Conquer, then automatically ensure total adherence across your organization.


Automatically track, capture, and log the results of each interaction from any communications channel.

Use Meaningful Context

If content is king, then context is queen—and we understand who runs the castle. Capture important information to help customer-facing teams build trust and add value. With Conquer, teams automatically capture activity data so activity reports don’t miss a thing.

Conquer Visual Cadence Builder
Empowering Customer Engagement

Increase Visibility

Gain a true 360-degree view of your customers and prospects with a detailed view of each individual touchpoint and outcome along the way.

Optimize Processes and Scale Best Practices

Use real-time data to glean actionable insights. Capture and share best practices across your organization to enhance the entire customer experience.

Optimize Processes And Scale Best Practices

I believe this will increase efficiency 10 fold because it will allow me to stay on task and not get distracted from what needs to be done.

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Exactly Where Your Team Works

Conquer makes it easy to plan, execute, and measure all sales and service communications directly inside your CRM.
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The only fully-native application in our category within the Microsoft AppSource and a trusted communication solution for both sales and service. See why teams on Dynamics 365 trust Conquer to enable Digital Sellers.