Track & Measure Every Touchpoint

Acquire insights into every important engagement metric and build a stronger strategy with a complete view of your customer engagement activities, all from a single screen.

Track & Measure Every Touchpoint

Capture every interaction to enhance your Customer 360.

Track progress, gain insights, and optimize strategies with Conquer Analytics, built directly inside your Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Native Reports & Dashboards

Operations become easier when the same place that generates and collects all your data is also the same place used to create reports and analyze. Trust your reporting to be accurate and ensure everyone on the team is working from the same, single source of truth.

Native Reports & Dashboards

I love just looking at these reports here because it just helps me understand like it gives me the idea to help coach someone where they might be having struggles.

Sales Executive

Fortune 100 Company

Real-Time Reporting & Actionable Insights


Highlight and display key metrics relevant to your sales and service engagement, including talk time, call volumes, call outcomes, answer rates, conversation rates, inbound calls, and more.

No Data Synchronization

Conquer automatically logs data from any interaction to CRM in real time — get rid of compliance concerns by removing the need to sync records outside of CRM.

Object Conversion + Data Association

Automate conversion of objects and associate the right data to the right objects — data loss is never an issue.

Cadence Analytics

Analyze every metric, including touchpoint outcomes, cadence results, call sentiment, and meetings booked. Associate every interaction to revenue won and meaningful business outcomes.

Time-Based Statistics

Reps are given statistics breaking down their cadence activities by “Today”, “This Week”, and “This Month” to monitor and keep pace with revenue goals.

Custom Objects/Fields

Supports complete read-write abilities in association with any custom object or field to enable tracking of all important data in CRM.

Analyze the Entire Journey

Measure the customer journey every step of the way. Analyze responses to touchpoints, track progression through cadences, observe sentiment, and gain insight into which strategies are resulting in revenue growth.

Track Progression Through Cadences
Quantitative and Qualitative Reporting

Streamline Operations

Automatic activity capture and shared reporting all from a single place allows for visibility across departments, teams and upper management. Give your entire organization the full picture with both quantitative and qualitative reporting, including the metrics that matter most, interaction outcome data, and customer sentiment.

Strengthen Strategic Insights

Leadership teams need analytics they can trust to make. Conquer Analytics lets you see all data points across every customer interaction, business unit, and department. Easily use that data in CRM reports and business intelligence tools, such as Domo, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, etc. to help organize and utilize the reports.

Conquer Analytics

It’s really easy to pivot with this tool. I definitely think there’s a competitive advantage there.

District Manager


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