Plan and Automate Emails Across the Buyer Journey

Create highly customizable templates and send messages directly from inside your CRM. Track everything in one place. No extra login or platform switching required.
Plan And Automate Emails Across The Buyer Journey

Send personalized outreach & engagement at scale.

Conquer makes email work for you, by enabling your team to send and respond with your current Outlook email client directly inside of Salesforce.

Streamline Email Inside CRM

Empower your team to deliver quality messaging every time. Create customizable email templates and assign them to touchpoints within a cadence. Send emails from your corporate email address, directly from inside the CRM. Gain business insights by tracking email communications and responses, including emails bounced, opened, and replied.

Streamline Email Inside CRM

Best part of the tool is the quick access to templated emails. Huge time savings not having to go find the info each time. Cuts the time by at least 90% on sending follow-up emails.

Sales Leader

Fortune 500 Company

Email Shouldn't Have To Feel Like A Burden

Email Templates

Create reusable, highly customizable email templates using a rich text editor to standardize communication while streamlining workflows.

Merge Fields

Merge field data from Salesforce records into the body content of an email template to automatically personalize emails to the recipient.

Section Locking

Sections of the body of an email template may be locked to ensure mandatory inclusion and prevent edits, ensuring consistent messaging.

Cadence Builder

Create and optimize sales cadences using our drag-and-drop Visual Builder. Guide sellers by assigning templates to email touchpoints.

Automated Email Send

Plan emails to be sent automatically based on progression through a cadence by touchpoint completion and time elapsed.

Email Analytics

Track every metric, including emails bounced, opened, and replied. Associate every interaction to revenue won and meaningful business outcomes.

Personalized Messaging

Streamline engagement with customizable email templates. Easily design templates with merge fields to pull relevant contact info directly from CRM records, and section locking to ensure your highest value messages always reach the right person.

Customizable Email Template
Automate Emails

Automate Emails

Assign templates to email touchpoints, then track the activity to determine next steps based on whether the email was opened, replied, or bounced. Use templates to automate email sending, including transactional emails that provide details of the call, schedule follow-ups, appointment reminders, and more.

Secure and Streamlined

Send emails from the right address, fully secure with no extra logins required. Authenticate with your corporate Outlook 365 email address to send messages directly from within the Salesforce platform.

Secure and Streamlined

…the integration of Outlook will save me so much time otherwise spent going back and forth to send emails to prospects…I really believe this is a game changer and I’m all in!

District Manager


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