Understand Every Outcome

Automatically capture, standardize, and measure the results of each customer interaction from every communications channel.

Understand Every Outcome

The right message can open all the right doors. Outcomes help you scale communication with confidence.


Sort your contacts into personalized cadences that enable the best chance to create meaningful connections.


All data is automatically captured and stored inside CRM, so every piece of the puzzle can be easily accessed and analyzed.


Custom reporting dashboards give your team an accurate pulse on which strategies and channels are working best.

Capture Every Outcome

Automatically track the results of every interaction, then optimize for the best customer experience.

01. Automate the Journey

Trigger CRM automation to update fields, log notes, and advance your contact to the next appropriate step.

02. Track Outcomes

Flexible design works with both standard and custom fields to standardize the data you capture, automatically.

03. Engage Buyers

Visual decision points in the Cadence Builder make it easy to deliver the ideal customer experience.

Salesengagement Cadence Builder gif

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The way we sell has changed.

Learn how changing buyer expectations are redefining the way sales and service teams must engage in a digital-first world.

Track Performance Across Every Channel

Deliver a context-driven buyer experience regardless of the communications channel.


Click-to-call, leave pre-recorded voicemails, and save your team’s time.


Send emails, use templates, and track outcomes from inside your CRM.


Compliant text messaging, captured in CRM, with your current business phone.


Send social messages, complete research, and quickly connect with prospects.

Standardize Dispositions

Turn subjective sentiment into objective data that can be quantified and measured. Log the outcome of every interaction with a click of a button, provide field updates, and advance the prospect to the next stage of the selling process.

Standardize Dispositions
Activity Tracking

Automatically Log Activities

Capture and store every activity completion across each touchpoint and channel — spend less time manually updating CRM and more time having conversations and building relationships.

Optimize Touchpoints

Track the outcome of every touchpoint during the sales process. Then, use that data to measure results, optimize growth, and determine the best strategies that result in revenue generation.

Track Touchpoints

…to keep your sales staff fresh and at their peak for maximum performance, you should strongly consider investing in Conquer. Logging pre-recorded voicemails, activities, notes, and most importantly, updating CRM, is only one click away.

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