Make Social Selling Automatic

Don’t Let social engagement get stuck in another platform. Layer the most popular social platforms directly inside Salesforce. Send, track, and optimize every social channel, from the same place you track the rest of your customer communication.

Make Social Selling Automatic

Connect with buyers & customers on their terms.

Modern buyers are leveraging social channels to gather information and make decisions. Simplify how you engage across LinkedIn, Facebook Messenger, and more from a single place. Conquer makes it easy to prescribe exactly when and how to reach out to strengthen the relationships and create new opportunities.

Optimize Your Omnichannel Cadence

Integrate any social platform or feature from Salesforce seamlessly into your workflows. Enable social media selling tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Facebook, directly where you already work every day.

Optimize Your Omnichannel Cadence

Connect, Engage, & Influence Buyers Across Every Channel

Social Selling

Improve the customer experience by communicating through familiar social channels that help build relationships and trust.

Context + Agility

Reach customers on their preferred platform, and use a complete view to create a personalized, valuable experience every time.

Activity Capture

Reduce the amount of time your team spends updating CRM and eliminate busywork by automatically capturing every interaction and outcome across all social platforms.

Embedded Interface

Increase access and simplify tasks by delivering every social media channel directly inside CRM, so you can send, receive, and track every interaction.

Dashboards + Analytics

Analyze every metric, including touchpoint outcomes, cadence results, call sentiment, and meetings booked. Associate every interaction to revenue won and meaningful business outcomes.

Guided Selling

Drive and prescribe the right sales actions and activities across your sales process. Accelerate the execution of touchpoints and optimize cadences to book more meetings, generate pipeline, and increase win rates.

Make Social Selling Simple

Present the right message, for the right channel at the right time and gain access to prospects by reaching out where they are. Conquer automatically logs the activity and the outcome, while advancing prospects and opportunities to the next best step in your cadence.

Empowering Customer Engagement
Plan Social Touchpoints

Plan Social Touchpoints

Design the ideal sequence of social interactions. Add social touchpoints to omnichannel communication, such as planning for reps to connect with prospects on LinkedIn before giving them a call. Strengthen connections while increasing team productivity.

Track Every Interaction

No need to manually log your social activities and outcomes. Instead, Conquer automatically tracks and captures all your interactions across every social platform directly inside CRM, so you know exactly which connections are working best.

Accelerate Engagement

This is going to be a much better process as far as improving our prospecting.

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