Increase Engagement & Build Trust

Give your teams the ability to strengthen buyer and customer relationships via SMS without worrying about the compliance concerns of shadow communication channels.

Increase Engagment & Build Trust

Exceed client expectations
with conversational messaging.

Eliminate backchannel communication and gain total visibility of the entire conversation with fully compliant text messaging directly inside your current CRM.

Secure Text Message Management

Automatically log all text messages in CRM, eliminating untracked communication locked away behind personal devices. Save both the outgoing and incoming messages in a single SMS history object, making reporting and automation significantly easier than other SMS applications. Always stay compliant with flexible opt-in/opt-out capabilities.

Secure Text Message Management

This tool is something that’s going to make our pipeline more efficient.

Senior District Manager


Make SMS Simple, Effective, and Secure


Create reusable text messaging templates with merge fields, so your team always knows the right thing to say. Organize templates in folders for quick access.

Report-Based Texting

Create a report and bulk send SMS messages to selected records based on matching report criteria, enhancing the breadth of your outreach.

Link Tracking

Learn which content has people most interested by tracking the number of clicks on links sent through Conquer Text.

Incoming Alerts

Never miss an important message again. View notifications of new messages through the utility bar, visible on all layouts and screens.

Dark Hours

Prevent automatic or scheduled messaging during off-hours, ensuring your team is reaching out at the right times.


Conquer Text offers seamless integration with WhatsApp to gain access to users on the service.

Build Relationships That Last

When you engage on a personal channel like SMS, you create a stronger, more trusting bond. Conquer Text enables you to communicate with people how they prefer in a manner that is speedy and efficient, with support for customizable templates, automated texting, and message forwarding. All without leaving your CRM.

Build Trust Over SMS
Plan, Send, & Respond All In One Place

Plan, Send, & Respond All In One Place

Create the perfect texting sequence. With Conquer’s drag-and-drop Visual Builder, you can sequence texting interactions to design the optimal customer journey. Assign templates to the step and ensure that your most important messages always land.

The beauty of this approach is knowing clearly where someone is at in the outreach and understanding that as soon as you gain access, they are off your list. This will save a ton of duplicate effort and frustration by both the reps and the leads.

Sales Leader

Fortune 500 Company

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