Say Goodbye To Dead Air & Dropped Calls

Don’t let your current dialing solution give you the jitters. Conquer is the only comprehensive enterprise voice solution for both inbound and outbound teams. Streamline inbound call queues, eliminate orphan records, and accelerate call campaigns with Conquer Voice.

Say Goodbye To Dead Air & Dropped Calls

Carrier-Grade Telephony Built For Scale

Conquer Voice enables you to make and receive more calls in less time while giving operations the flexibility they need to accelerate service and streamline contact center operations.

Connect With Any Device, Capture Every Conversation

Conquer Voice connects your CRM with any dial tone provider to enable single-click calling exactly how you want it – desktop, cell phone, or VoIP. Automatically track and log all call information, then leverage that critical context the next time the conversation is continued.

Conquer Voice Connects Your Crm

Conquer is very easy to use. It increased my output by 20% on a daily basis and sometimes I can get double the amount of calls out I used to by manually dialing. It helps organize my day…It’s overall a great tool!

User in Hospital & Healthcare

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End-to-End Customer Engagement, All Inside CRM


Click on any phone field in CRM to instantly place a call. Save time normally spent manually dialing and engage prospects with ease.

Screen Pop

Associated CRM records are automatically presented when you place or receive a call, providing the context necessary for a meaningful conversation.

Voicemail Drop

Pre-recorded voicemails are simply clicked-and-dropped without having to wait for the beep to record every time, allowing you to continue on to other activities while Conquer leaves your message for you.

Inbound Queues

Inbound callers are queued and delivered to agents and agent groups in the order they were received. Ensure customers aren’t kept waiting by directing callers to the agent who has been idle longest.

Real-Time Notifications

Inbound calls trigger real-time browser notifications in CRM or can optionally ring in a connected telephone line, so you never miss an important opprtunity.

Carrier-Grade Telephony

Conquer Voice uses our Tier 1 carrier networks to provide the best call quality. Multiple interconnections allow for immediate call routing adjustments if necessary.

More Dials, Better Conversations

Increase your call volume and simplify the process at the same time. Speed up your workflow with one-click calling, voicemail drop, and screen pop, then utilize past notes to provide contextual, high-value messaging with every call.

More Dials, Better Conversations
Build and Execute Dynamic Call Campaigns

Build and Execute Dynamic Call Campaigns

Connect your voice activities and results to your customer ecosystem. Using standard CRM reports, build targeted call campaigns that scale and drive results. Assign call steps as part of a broader sales cadence, then rapidly distribute assigned call lists to your team so they always know what to say, to who, and when.

Optimize Inbound

Remove one-sided conversations from the process by leveraging inbound. Inbound queues and Conquer Call Flows enable you to direct callers to the person who can best help them. Route callers to:

  • Queues of agents, categorized by skillsets
  • Specific phone numbers
  • Voicemail, delivered to an email inbox
  • Recorded announcements or messages
  • Branching time blocks to route callers based on business/agent availability
Conquer Voice Control Panel

I’m more productive and efficient with Conquer. I make over a hundred calls a day, and being able to click a number and have the phone call begin makes my job even easier.

Marquise Church

Account Manager, Sacramento Kings

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