Transform Where Your Team Works

Connect all of your communication channels and prescribe best actions from inside a single platform. Conquer transforms your CRM from a system of record to a system of engagement. 

Transform Where Your Team Works

Trusted by Fortune 100 companies for our security, compliance, and scale, Conquer is the only CRM-native application on the market.

Simple Experience

Expand the capabilities of the CRM platform where your teams already live and breathe.

Enterprise Scale

Perform efficiently even at a large scale by operating from a single platform and removing the need for lengthy data syncs.

Streamlined Reporting

Eliminate the need to pull reports from different platforms. Consolidate your data to a single system of record.

We Are the Definition of Native

Don’t let buzzwords blur the lines. Built as an application that only exists inside of Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365, we unify customer data, communications, activity tracking, and reporting to a single platform that you already use. 

We Are the Definition of Native

Every Communication Channel, One Platform

With Conquer, plan, measure, and optimize every touchpoint while gaining insights into what channels and activities move your business forward


Click-to-call, leave pre-recorded voicemails, and save your team’s time.
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Send emails, use templates, and track outcomes from inside your CRM.
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Compliant text messaging, captured in CRM, with your current business phone.
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Send social messages, complete research, and quickly connect with prospects.
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Everything You Need to Drive Sustainable Revenue

Conquer solutions power sales & service communications for B2B revenue teams across financial services, professional sports, healthcare, and more. We help businesses gain the productivity and insights they need to conquer their day.

Design, prescribe, and deliver the best series of customer touchpoints across all communication channels.

Call Flows

Visually map complex Call Flows (IVR) to route your inbound customers to the best team or agent to help.


Eliminate busywork, such as logging activities and updating fields, and drive CRM adoption.


Track and measure the results of every interaction to use that data to optimize future outreach.

Exactly Where Your Team Works

Conquer makes it easy to plan, execute, and measure all sales and service communications directly inside your CRM.

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With over 400+ 5-star reviews on Salesforce AppExchange and the most sales engagement deployments within the ecosystem, see why Enterprise organizations on Salesforce trust Conquer to drive revenue engagement.

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The only fully-native application in our category within the Microsoft AppSource and a trusted communication solution for both sales and service. See why teams on Dynamics 365 trust Conquer to enable Digital Sellers.

Visual Cadence Builder

Create Workflows & Accelerate Best Practices

With the first drag-and-drop Visual Cadence Builder for Salesforce, Conquer makes it simpler than ever before for managers and operational teams to build and optimize cadences across every business unit, without ever leaving CRM.

I would highly recommend Conquer to anyone who wants a high performing Sales or Service team and is looking for a tool that is easy to set up and configure for their needs.

Sheila Connolly

Salesforce AppExchange

Create Consistency, Enable Flexibility

Streamline onboarding and enablement by working entirely from a single platform. Standardize processes, create customizable cadences, and automatically track every single customer interaction across all communication channels and business units.

Create Consistency and Enable Flexibility

Ready to conquer your revenue goals?