Capture Conversations, Streamline Compliance

Maintain compliance and process adherence across your teams — eliminate non-compliant behavior and keep your reps on track for success. Leverage stereo call recording for additional insights and coaching.

Conquer Capture Conversations, Streamline Compliance

Unlock the full potential of your digital sales team.

Improve Coaching

Record calls for use in training, coaching, or call intelligence. Easily store and access fully encrypted call recordings directly in CRM.

Ensure Compliance

Let your reps focus more on serving customers. Automatically provide warnings and prompts to guide reps back on the right path.

Boost Intelligence

Configure automatic, stereo call recordings rules by state and ensure your data is collected and protected. 

Analyze and Optimize

Capture every conversation and associate them with all the right records in CRM.  Improve coaching and enhance your revenue intelligence by connecting your recordings to partner solutions such as Gong, ExecVision, or

Connecting Your Recordings To Partner Solutions

We had a major gap in our analytics when it came to understanding our Business Development reps’ performance. Conquer was able to not only fill that gap but provided a tool that we can use to coach and to train new hires with the ability to listen on previous rep’s log records, listen in on live calls, and listen in on whisper mode for coaching.

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Why High Compliance Industries Trust Conquer

Stereo Recording

Record calls in stereo with full control by separately capturing each member of the call to maintain recording compliance while still leveraging coaching opportunities and teachable moments.

Recording Encryption

All call recordings are encrypted, both in-flight and at-rest, for secure storage and easy access within CRM or other 3rd party applications.

Recording Redaction

Maintain recording compliance in one-party and two-party consent states throughout the US. Set your recording compliance rules in Conquer, then automatically ensure total adherence across your organization.

Do Not Call

Automatically enforce all of the current Do Not Call restrictions configured within your CRM. To maintain compliant behaviors—reps are alerted and prevented from calling any number multiple times in a row.


Conquer not only automates the right behavior but prevents non-compliant behaviors from happening. Set compliance rules once on a single platform. Conquer respects CRM user roles and permission settings to maintain security while supporting collaboration.

Call Intelligence

Capture call metadata and stereo voice recordings to seamlessly connect all of your call recordings to voice analysis platforms such as Gong, ExecVision,, and Einstein Voice.

Guide the Right Activities

Automate the right behavior and prevent non-compliant behavior by setting your rules only once. Make it easy for your team to take the appropriate next steps that are going to produce results. Easily access encrypted call recordings directly in CRM, track outcome data, and feed that into a future cadence or Call Flow. 

Conquer Cadence Builder
Conquer Voice

Capture & Analyze Every Call

Maintain compliance, make it easy to capture and store secure call recordings, and access them directly from within your CRM. Conquer captures each recording in stereo making it possible to automatically record only one party or both parties based on compliance laws of that state. 

Maintain Complete Control of Your Data

Built for the enterprise, Conquer enables total control over call recordings, data storage, and security and compliance rules. As a native application, your data stays secure in your CRM, where it belongs.

Maintain Complete Control of Data

Conquer helps with speed, efficiency, and not calling those who opt out.

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Exactly Where Your Team Works

Conquer makes it easy to plan, execute, and measure all sales and service communications directly inside your CRM.
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