End-to-End Revenue Engagement

Plan, execute, and optimize all sales and service activities directly inside CRM, making the entire customer journey easier to manage, and more consistent to deliver.

Conquer End-to-end Revenue Engagement

Creating a positive buying experience for your customers and your team is a competitive advantage.

Activate digital sellers, speed up sales cycles, and grow accounts faster. Conquer unifies communications across voice, email, SMS, and social channels inside your current CRM platform to streamline workflows and improve performance across every customer-facing team.

Experience the Difference

High-volume contact centers must reduce inbound wait times by intelligently routing calls to the right agent every time. Digital sales teams need to gain access faster by engaging prospects in an omnichannel cadence. Scroll between our guided product tours to see how Conquer can help you do both.

01. Gain Access Sooner

Add value and engage across email, voice, text, and LinkedIn to catch the attention of prospects and build trust. Make sure you are top of mind at all your target accounts.

02. Increase Sales Productivity

Conquer eliminates CRM busywork. With touchpoints and cadences tied directly to CRM automation, teams dramatically increase sales productivity and improve CRM data quality at the same time.

03. Grow Pipeline Faster

Accelerate outbound engagement and qualify accounts faster. Plan, execute, and optimize sales plays across SDRs, AEs, and full-cycle sellers. Guide new hires through the sales process and streamline critical data entry.

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Build an omnichannel cadence and learn how Conquer helps optimize sales performance in less than 90 seconds.

01. Improve Customer Experience

Build and manage your complete next-generation IVR from inside Salesforce. Create skill-based, intelligent routing and instantly connect calls to the right agent or group every time.

02. Increase Productivity

Eliminate tedious tasks such as logging calls, updating account stages, and creating support tickets. Conquer automates all of your post-call busywork.

03. Grow Accounts Faster

We automate emails, trigger engagement sequences, and capture call recordings so you can gain insights and grow customer accounts faster.
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Build an inbound Call Flow and learn how Conquer helps streamline contact center operations in less than 90 seconds.

…Activities are being logged accurately and reps are maximizing their time — instead of logging activities and updating our CRM manually, they can just focus on having productive conversations with their prospects.

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Conquer Your Revenue Goals

With the tools and insights modern revenue teams need to drive revenue growth and customer retention.

Guided Selling

Drive and prescribe the right sales actions and activities across your sales process. Accelerate the execution of touchpoints and optimize cadences to book more meetings, generate pipeline, and increase win rates. Read More..

Activity Capture

Reduce the amount of time your team spends updating CRM and eliminate busywork by automatically capturing every interaction and outcome across voice, text, email, LinkedIn, and more. Read More..

Workflow Automation

 Streamline repetitive tasks and eliminate the busy work of manually inputting data, closing tickets, and sending emails. Read More..

Digital Customer Service

Reduce time-to-resolution and enhance the customer journey with intelligent call routing, screen pops, and more. Read More..

Recordings + Compliance

Simplify state-by-state recording compliance. Capture every call in stereo and easily connect recordings to integrations for analysis and coaching. Read More..

Reporting + Analytics

Capture every customer interaction and outcome to understand customer sentiment and engagement patterns. Read More..

Every Channel, One Platform

Don’t add another platform for your ops team to integrate and manage. Instead, Conquer is built directly inside Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM to enable sales, service, and support teams to collaborate around a single, secure source of truth.

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Activate Your Digital Sales Team With Conquer

Gain Access

Start conversations faster with real-time access to each piece of the customer data puzzle.

Build Trust

Strengthen relationships and streamline customer support with full context and relevant history.

Win + Grow Revenue

Generate more pipeline, increase your renewal rate, and expand account services with greater agility.

Connected across every step of the customer journey.

Your customers expect it. Your teams need it. We call it Revenue Engagement.

Everything You Need to Stay Connected

Build long-lasting relationships through a connected buyer experience, delivered seamlessly across all channels.


Click-to-call, leave pre-recorded voicemails, and save your team’s time.


Send emails, use templates, and track outcomes from inside your CRM.


Compliant text messaging, captured in CRM, with your current business phone.


Send social messages, complete research, and quickly connect with prospects.

Exactly Where Your Team Works

Conquer makes it easy to plan, execute, and measure all sales and service communications directly inside your CRM.
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With over 400+ 5-star reviews on Salesforce AppExchange and the most sales engagement deployments within the ecosystem, see why Enterprise organizations on Salesforce trust Conquer to drive revenue engagement.

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The only fully-native application in our category within the Microsoft AppSource and a trusted communication solution for both sales and service. See why teams on Dynamics 365 trust Conquer to enable Digital Sellers.