Put an End to Busywork

Conquer helps you avoid human errors and keep your sanity by automatically performing tedious, manual tasks such as logging activities and outcomes, updating fields, converting leads, and creating opportunities in a standardized, controlled way.

Conquer Put An End To Busywork

Avoid human errors and track all your revenue engagement activities instantly, all housed under one roof — CRM.

Save Time and Focus

Skip the delays, and accelerate your team to their next activity automatically within seconds of completing the last one.

Capture Everything

Avoid messy integration points with the first and only revenue engagement solution to work natively within Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Optimize Workflows

Build a systematic flow that aligns with your business and never miss an opportunity to connect again.

Scale Your Best Practices

Increase productivity and results by identifying areas of improvement and engagements that are generating the best results. Then, easily feed that back into your workflow through automatic cadences, call flows, and more.

Conquer Cadence Builder

Conquer has been a HUGE time saver throughout the day. Not only does it make life easier by having voicemails done automatically at the push of a button, but it lets me get through my calls faster…

Brent Vogel

Salesforce AppExchange

The Capabilities That Drive Predictable Revenue

Automatic Activity Capture

As a native application, Conquer streamlines data management and can read or write to any object in CRM, standard or custom, to maintain data accuracy automatically.

Native CRM Automation

Leverage Salesforce Process Builder and Microsoft Power Automate in tandem with Conquer to connect all your business processes to your customer communications.

Automated Email Send

Streamline engagement by scheduling automatic emails based on progression through a cadence by touchpoint completion and time elapsed. 

Guided Selling

Take the guesswork out of your rep’s day by planning each touchpoint from start to finish — then, automate activity updates, data collection, and other manual tasks to quickly get the rep to the next touchpoint.

Voicemail Drop

Think how much time you can save with pre-recorded voicemails are simply clicked-and-dropped without having to wait for the beep. Allow your team to continue on to other activities while Conquer leaves their message for them.


Standardize call outcomes by logging the outcome of every call with a click of a button. Automatically provide field updates, notes, and advance the prospect to the next stage of the selling process.

Accelerate Engagement

Don’t let any of that valuable customer context slip through the cracks. Get the full 360-degree picture from a source you trust — CRM, so you can always understand what is the next best step.

Accelerate Engagement
Empowering Customer Engagement

The Channels You Need, the Platform You Trust

Deliver a personalized customer experience that earns loyalty and trust, by unifying all customer engagement and support communications into the platform that you already know and use every day— CRM. 

Automate Repetitive Sales Tasks

Gain back lost time and focus spent on administrative work. Conquer automatically logs all activities to your CRM for you, so you can spend less time updating fields and more time selling and building relationships.

Automate Repetitive Sales Tasks

Conquer as a tool within Salesforce has led to my organization being so much more efficient. As a sales manager, I care about two things more than anything — integrity and efficiency. Conquer has helped us improve in both of those areas!

Adam Goldberg

Manager of Business Development, Learfield IMG
Salesforce AppExchange

Exactly Where Your Team Works

Conquer makes it easy to plan, execute, and measure all sales and service communications directly inside your CRM.

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With over 400+ 5-star reviews on Salesforce AppExchange and the most sales engagement deployments within the ecosystem, see why Enterprise organizations on Salesforce trust Conquer to drive revenue engagement.

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The only fully-native application in our category within the Microsoft AppSource and a trusted communication solution for both sales and service. See why teams on Dynamics 365 trust Conquer to enable Digital Sellers.