What is Sales Engagement?

Sales engagement is about more than just outreach. Conquer gives sales teams the tools they need to gain access, generate more pipeline, and boost productivity. 

Streamline Email Inside CRM
Secure Text Message Management

Supercharge sales processes & boost productivity for every digital seller.

Drive revenue and growth by streamlining the way your team plans, executes, and optimizes sales engagement. Design cadences using our drag-and-drop builder to guide the sales process—every touchpoint, every communication channel, every data point—all at your fingertips and directly within the CRM.

Gain Access, Faster

Surround prospects with meaningful engagement across multiple channels. Add value and engage across email, voice, text, and LinkedIn to catch the attention of prospects and build trust.

Accelerate Engagement

This tool here is going to make my rep smarter and strategically better at calling and understanding to get through their prospects…at the end of the day, it’s truly a numbers game.

Sales Executive

Fortune 500 Company

Everything You Need to Accelerate Sales


Connect every communication channel across voice, email, text, LinkedIn, and more into a single user interface that makes it simple to effectively engage with prospects and customers.

Cadence Builder

Create and optimize sales cadences using our drag-and-drop Visual Builder. Quickly design omnichannel cadences to guide sellers on the right touchpoints at every stage of the buyer journey.

Guided Selling

Drive and prescribe the right sales actions and activities across your sales process. Accelerate the execution of touchpoints and optimize cadences to book more meetings, generate pipeline, and increase win rates.

Native Application

Eliminate the need to synchronize data across platforms. Manage and execute all customer engagement directly inside Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Activity Capture

Automatically capture every interaction and outcome across voice, text, email, LinkedIn, and more. Save time updating CRM and eliminate busywork across your team.

Sales Analytics

Analyze every metric, including touchpoint outcomes, cadence results, call sentiment, and meetings booked. Associate every interaction to revenue won and meaningful business outcomes.

Conquer Cadences Builder

Grow Your Pipeline

Qualify prospects faster, with more efficiency, and ensure every seller is following the same steps every time. Guide sellers through the sales process and streamline critical data entry. 

Increase Sales Productivity

Eliminate busywork and operate with a new level of efficiency. With touchpoints and cadences tied directly to CRM automation, teams dramatically increase sales productivity and improve CRM data quality at the same time.

Workflow Automation