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Pipeline growth is our #1 priority. That means engaging prospects quickly, booking meetings, and accelerating opportunities through your qualification process.

Pipeline Growth
Generate Sale Pipeline
Generate Sale Pipeline With Conquer
Improves Sales Pipeline Growth

A predictable process for generating opportunities & qualifying inbound leads.

Enable your sales team with a simple to use and easy to implement solution that lives within your current CRM. Inbound and outbound voice. Visual cadence builder. Email templates and automation. Compliant text messaging… this list goes on, and on.

01. Book More Meetings

Gain access and add value through multiple channels. Use LinkedIn, email, and voice to connect with new prospects. Connect directly with Microsoft Outlook or Gmail to keep all of your communication in a single place.

02. Create Opportunities Faster

Guide sellers through the qualification process to move deals forward. Optimize sales cadences to account for different roles within buying groups. Engage each account with a consistent yet personalized message.

03. Close More Deals

Track every touchpoint from opportunity creation through closed-won. Understand what motivates buyers and accelerates deals forward. Create specific cadences for each stage of the buying journey.

Engage Prospects And Capture Demand With Conquer gif

Experience all the ways your team can engage prospects and capture demand with Conquer.

Accelerate Growth With Guided Selling

For all those rev ops professionals that believe pipeline acceleration is a repeatable and scalable business process: Conquer makes it possible. Guide sellers with prescribed touchpoints, call scripts, and templates across every channel.

Conquer Accelerate Growth With Guided Selling
Empowering Customer Engagement

Unify Customer Engagement

A recognizable face and a familiar name goes a long way in today’s prospecting game. Surround your prospects with personalized messages across multiple channels to gain traction, build trust, and get seen.

Automate Complex Workflows

Two words: sales productivity. Eliminate busywork across your customer-facing teams while still maintaining accurate tracking and reports within your CRM. Tie business processes and field updates to cadence triggers to automate engagement, enable personalization, and prompt sellers on the next best actions.

Experience Conquer Cadence

The University of Iowa sales team recently implemented Conquer. It has led to an increase in production, connection rates, and ultimately higher sales.

Kyle McGuire

General Manager, Ticket Sales
Salesforce AppExchange