July 8, 2024Conquer Client Advisory Council Recap


Conquer’s June 2024 Client Advisory Council was a resounding success! This twice a year event is a critical touchpoint where we invite our valued clients to provide feedback and share our vision for the future. The Council is a collaborative forum to align Conquer’s vision and strategic direction with client needs, leveraging client insights to drive innovation in our product and service offerings to deliver exceptional value. We’re thrilled to recap the key highlights and takeaways for those who couldn’t attend.

Commitment to Client-Centric Innovation

During the Council, we reaffirmed our dedication to creating a platform centered on our clients’ needs and goals. Our commitment focuses on three main pillars:

  • Data-Driven Insights: Enabling smarter decisions into your revenue execution.
  • Effortless Workflow: Reducing administrative burdens to save valuable time.
  • Better Results: Enhancing rep performance and customer satisfaction through continuous improvement.

Product Suite Overview

Prior to unveiling Conquer’s 12-month product roadmap, we highlighted our comprehensive product suite:

  • Conquer Voice for carrier-grade telephony and dialing across both desktop and mobile, inbound and outbound.
  • Conquer Cadence for omnichannel sales cadences across email, social, SMS, scheduler, and more.
  • Conquer Insights for data-driven reports and dashboards, powered by AI.

All Conquer products are native to Salesforce, ensuring our clients remain secure and compliant across every customer interaction. 

How Conquer Builds an Innovative Product Roadmap

Our product roadmap is influenced by four objective, client-focused channels:

  1. Client Success & Support
    1. The Conquer Success, Support, Product and Engineering teams have multiple, always-on channels to share client asks, priorities and brainstorm solutions.
    2. We lead the industry in Time-to-Resolution, with 50% of our tickets in 2023 resolved in under 12 hours!
  2. Independent Win/Loss Analyses
    1. Conquer invests in independent, third-party research to learn directly from current customers and lost opportunities for continuous improvement, leading directly to product innovation and proactive planning.
  3. Portfolio Analyses
    1. Conquer has unique access and insight to analyze backend data by industry, org, and business unit to unearth trends and opportunities. 
    2. These analyses have revealed an 80% increase in closed-won opportunities for one of Conquer’s enterprise clients.
  4. Market Trends & Analyses
    1. In addition to the client and internal inputs, Conquer invests in continuous attendance, speaking and learning about our industry.
    2. Some of our notable speaking engagements from 2023 include Salesforce World Tour and Emblaze Revenue Summit, with Dreamforce coming up in September 2024! 

By leveraging these input channels, we ensure our roadmap aligns with both client needs and market demands.

New Features Demo

The Conquer team was excited to introduce and demo two key new features for the Council, which were met with great enthusiasm:

  • Enhanced Statistics: Offering a granular understanding of agent performance to improve both seller and customer experiences.This is critical to provide sales leaders with the insights needed to tailor their strategy to what works best for their unique business use case. 
  • Generative AI Email: Utilizing AI to enhance messaging and speed up email creation for reps. Offering a twofold benefit in terms of both communication quality as well as rep efficiency, Conquer’s GenAI Email sets itself apart by being context-driven. Conquer uses the context of past conversations with a customer or prospect to determine the message which will be best received.

Our clients found these demos insightful and appreciated seeing firsthand how these features could provide value to their organizations.

Overall, our clients felt empowered being part of the feedback process and influencing our product roadmap. This collaborative approach demonstrates our commitment to delivering value through high-quality products, exceptional client experiences, and demonstrable ROI.


Conquer’s “One Thing” remains steadfast—to continue delivering unparalleled client value with high-quality products and exceptional experiences. We’re grateful for the participation and insights from our clients and look forward to implementing these learnings into our future developments.

Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to making this Client Advisory Council event a success!

If you’d like to learn more about becoming involved with Conquer’s Client Advisory Council, please contact your company’s Conquer POC or Client Success Manager.