Reach buyers faster with the only sales engagement platform designed to keep your sellers where they sell – in Salesforce.

Conquer Cadence makes selling smarter by meeting buyers on their terms. Through omnichannel communications and adaptable follow-up sequences, it aligns touchpoints and messaging directly to closed-won revenue—all within Salesforce

Empower enterprise sales teams to win big by providing a unified communications platform and actionable insights designed to generate more pipeline, shorten sales cycles and close more deals within your secure Salesforce environment.

Revolutionize buyer-seller interactions by orchestrating voice, email, SMS, video, and social channels within Salesforce. Our guided selling solution enables sellers to connect with buyers through their preferred communication channel, all within the familiar Salesforce environment.

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Conquer CadenceUnique Benefits

Guided Selling

Accelerate lead progression and closures with proven cadences, providing reps with reusable templates, touchpoint instructions, and real-time battlecards.

Capture Every Activity In Salesforce

Enable your sellers to do what they do best: sell. Capture every touchpoint, activity and outcome of the sales process across all channels: voice, text, email, social, and video – directly into Salesforce, updating records with no manual effort.

Workflow Automation

Continue working with existing custom Salesforce fields and objects or create new ones. Maintain customization while optimizing sales workflows.

Efficient Rep Training and Ramp-Up

Remove the need for sales reps to learn multiple platforms. Pre-assigned cadences, email templates, and competitive real-time battlecards equip reps with the knowledge they need when they need it to continue building pipeline and closing deals. Do more in less time, all from within the familiar and compliant Salesforce ecosystem.

Flexible Configuration

Tailor omnichannel strategies to match customer communication preferences using an intuitive drag-and-drop flow builder and never miss a critical conversation.

Design custom implementation trigger logic to keep your sales team agile with intelligent automation to log every activity, progress leads and record notes on the record itself.

Reporting + Analytics

Directly relate specific sales activities to revenue with out-of-the-box reports and dashboards. Help iterate touchpoints based on success patterns. Since Cadence lives inside Salesforce, users and management can run reports with the confidence that all data is accurate in real-time.

Sales Engagement Platform for Salesforce

Discover how Conquer’s sales engagement platform augments automation, empowering both sellers and customers. Connect with our sales team or request a product demo to streamline your workflows today.

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