Conquer Cadence

Conquer Cadence

The Only Sales Engagement Platform Truly Native to Salesforce. Why Settle for Less?

Conquer Cadence helps enterprise sales teams win big by providing specifically designed sales engagement and guided selling tools, including insights they need to generate more pipeline, shorten sales cycles and close more deals.

As the only Sales Engagement Platform built truly native inside Salesforce, Conquer Cadence uniquely designs and orchestrates omnichannel communications across voice, email, SMS, video and social channels from directly inside Salesforce. Our guided selling Sales Engagement Platform improves sales productivity and performance throughout the entire sales process and customer journey.

Designed with truly native architecture, Conquer Cadence was built, lives in and is used entirely inside Salesforce, with no bi-directional data sync ever required and no need to ever manually log your sales activity.

Cadence provides Seamless Access to all user required omnichannel applications directly from the Conquer user interface in Salesforce to speed up sales cycles and grow sales revenue faster. And Conquer is the only Sales Engagement Platform provider that will guarantee your results and ROI.

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Conquer Cadence Unique Benefits

Guided Selling

Drive and prescribe the right sequence of sales actions and activities across your entire sales organization. Accelerate the execution of omnichannel touchpoints and optimize sequential cadences to move your leads faster into opportunities and then into buyers. Take the guesswork out of selling and easily create reusable templates and touchpoint instructions to share with your team.

Cadence will guide your sales team to book more meetings, generate a larger pipeline, shorten your sales cycles and increase your win rates.

Capture Every Activity In Salesforce

Eliminate all of the wasted time your team spends updating records in your Salesforce CRM. Since Conquer Cadence is uniquely truly native to Salesforce, all communication with customers and prospects takes place from the Conquer user interface within Salesforce.

Cadence automatically captures every touchpoint, activity and outcome of the sales process across all channels: voice, text, email, social, video and more – directly into Salesforce, updating records with no manual effort or intervention required.

Workflow Automation

Streamline repetitive tasks, such as organizing your agents in Salesforce lead campaigns, creating and developing sales opportunities, and automatically linking and updating each and every activity throughout the selling process directly to your Salesforce records. Improve your source of truth for your sales team by automatically and accurately tracking all data from every customer interaction in a single place – Salesforce – for both record keeping and reports.

Because Conquer Cadence is truly native to Salesforce, you can continue working with the custom Salesforce fields and objects you already have in place (as well as new ones you may create), enabling your organization to maintain your existing Salesforce customization while improving the automation of your sales processes. No upheaval necessary, just better workflow.

Streamlined Experience

Consolidate all communication channels into a single user interface for your sellers, so they spend no time switching between applications and more time doing what they do best: selling. Conquer Cadence users have Seamless Access to all omnichannel touchpoints from the Conquer user interface inside Salesforce, along with lists and filters of their current and upcoming touchpoints so they can effectively strategize their engagement and calendar the way that works best for them.

And Conquer Cadence guides enterprise sales teams to unlock the full selling potential of your organization, replicating best practices across your sales team, while automatically recording every activity in Salesforce in real time. Nothing falls through the cracks so you can do more in less time, all from within the familiar and compliant Salesforce ecosystem.

Flexible Configuration

Conquer works closely with you to configure Cadence to optimize for the needs of your enterprise sales team. Bolstered by a truly native design, Conquer Cadence works with the custom fields and objects already in your Salesforce platform to be flexible with your existing (and future) ecosystem configuration. Layer new workflows onto your current processes and optimize your Salesforce functionality.

Conquer Cadence’s intuitive drag-and-drop flow builder enables you to easily configure and adapt your omnichannel cadences based on proven strategies to leverage the channels customers are actually using most often to communicate, so you never miss a critical conversation.

Our flexible configuration allows you to design custom implementation trigger logic to keep your sales team agile with intelligent automation to log every activity, progress leads and record notes on the record itself to inform and provide insight for future conversations.

Reporting + Analytics

Analyze the performance of all touchpoints, cadences and email templates to understand customer sentiment and maximize sales effectiveness. The goal is not to see how many touchpoints can be used with a lead, but to exit the cadence as soon as possible because the lead has become an actual sales opportunity.

Out-of-the-box reports and dashboards allow for immediate data analysis to help iterate touchpoints based on success patterns, and since Cadence is truly native inside Salesforce, users and management can run reports with the confidence that all data is accurate in real time.

Only with Conquer can you eliminate frustrations caused by working with multiple and competing sources of data, then track, report and analyze that data all in a legitimate single source of truth.