Sales Engagement Glossary

Understanding Common Industry Terms

Account-Based Sales

An omnichannel B2B sales method in which each target company (also known as an “account”) is treated as its own “market.”

Cadence Software

A tool or application that allows sellers to leverage omnichannel (email, phone, video, social, text) sales cadences to communicate with prospects and customers.

Digital Sales

The term used to describe a sales rep’s utilization of virtual channels to contact potential prospects, provide them with education on your product or service and ultimately provide them with a solution that satisfies their unique needs.

Email Cadence

A sequence of emails sent to prospects and customers via a sales engagement platform.

Guided selling

The planned orchestration of the sales process through automation and multichannel communication.

Inside Sales

A selling process that takes place remotely—rather than from within any office-based environment.

Lead Response Time

The average amount of time it takes for a sales representative to respond to a lead.

Native Sales Engagement

Sales engagement that is built directly – or natively – into the CRM so sales reps do not have to switch back and forth between applications when communicating with prospects and customers.

Sales Cadence

A sequence of multichannel touchpoints designed to guide a sales rep through the entire sales process. Includes automation and branching paths to flexibly move customers through the process depending on touchpoint outcomes.

Sales Engagement

The collective set of interactions between your sales team and your prospective buyers and current customers, often conducted via an omnichannel cadence within a sales engagement platform.

Sales Engagement Platform

A software application that supports sales engagement activities within your organization by enabling sellers to utilize omnichannel sales cadences to drive revenue.

Sales Playbook

A document that outlines tactics, best practices and strategies to tackle each stage of the selling process effectively.

Sales Sequence

A series of clearly delineated steps to convert your prospects into paying customers, usually containing between seven to 10 steps, and take an omnichannel approach.

Social Selling

A sales strategy in which businesses leverage the power of their social media accounts to sell directly to their followers and connections.

Speed to Lead

A measure of lead response time in the sales process.

Text Cadence

A sequence of text messaging touchpoints to engage with customers and prospects via a sales engagement platform.

Voice Cadence

A sequence of phone calls to a prospect or customer via a sales engagement platform to drive revenue.