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The Conquer Way

Watch Conquer Cadence in Action: See how all omnichannel touchpoints are accessed, used, and automatically tracked into Salesforce, with our truly native guided selling solution that accelerates sales cycles.

Cadence Product Overview

Watch this 85 second video to learn why we built our products specifically for your benefit: Truly native inside Salesforce, uniquely guaranteeing your results.

Breaking Down Silos with Christopher Varites of Paycor

In this episode of the Revenue Engagement Podcast, we have Christopher Varites joining us on the show. Chris is the director of revenue operations and technology at Paycor, and he has a fantastic career journey that he will be sharing with us.

Rakhi Voria, Director, IBM Global Digital Sales and Development

In this episode of the Revenue Engagement Podcast, we have Rakhi Voria joining us on the show. Rakhi will be sharing her experience, knowledge, and wisdom from her time at both Microsoft and IBM building and leading global inside sales teams.

Courtney Rice of the Sacramento Kings

In this episode of the Revenue Engagement Podcast, we discuss the organizational structure, strategic approaches, culture, and work relationships that are helping overcome challenging times and position the Kings for a strong rebound as soon as fans can come back courtside.


An Honest Comparison Of SEP Vendors

If you’re exploring a Sales Engagement Platform vendor, look beyond comparing features to understand the underlying native technology.

Why Enterprises Need A Native SEP

For all other SEPs, data must be synced between your siloed SEP and CRM applications in an attempt to maintain accuracy. Not with Conquer, the only truly native SEP.

The Conquer Way

If your enterprise uses Outreach or Salesloft, or is considering a Sales Engagement Platform, please read this. Conquer guarantees your results.

Introducing Omnichannel Cadence From Conquer

It’s your familiar Conquer Voice for Salesforce, plus much more. A Sales Engagement Platform across every touchpoint of every channel. Built for how you work.

News, Reports & Blogs

Blog: The Top 10 Ways to Be a Successful SDR & Win Prospects

Whether you’re focused on calls, emails, social, video, etc., we’ve put together a list of 10 tips SDRs can leverage to be successful.


Blog: Data Management: It Can Make or Break Your Sales Strategy

In the interconnected world of B2B selling today, data is the driving force behind any competent sales team.


Blog: How Video Prospecting Can Boost Your Reply Rates and Revenue

In today’s world of B2B sales, you’re going to want to include video in your sales processes and workflows or be left behind.


Blog: 5 Benefits of a Truly Native Sales Engagement Platform

Having a truly native sales engagement platform offers unique benefits a traditional and non-native SEP simply cannot provide.


Blog: How To Keep a Successful Sales Cadence Going

Learn what you need to do to ensure your sales cadence is successful and reaches the ultimate end goal – your prospect exiting the cadence.


Blog: How To Craft Sales Emails That Get Responses

Learn how to craft sales emails that open conversations, build trust, & create connection, and access sample subject lines & emails.


News: Conquer Recognized As A Leader In The 2021 Aragon Research Globe For Sales Enablement Platforms

We are proud to announce Conquer’s has been recognized as a Leader in the 2021 Aragon Research Globe™ for Sales Enablement Platforms.

Blog: Fixing Whats Broken In Digital Sales: 4 Guiding Principles

In 2021 and beyond, the top sales trends are all about leveraging technology, not for added complexity and platforms, but to actually optimize technology for simplicity.

Blog: The Great Sales Shift: How Digital Sellers Are Transforming The Customer Experience

Sales teams around the world have adjusted to a digital selling landscape. But how has that translated into the customer experience?

Blog: 5 Reasons (Other Than the Pandemic) Digital Sales Teams Are Here To Stay

The pandemic shifted many sales team to digital sales. These teams are here to stay.

Blog: 6 Steps To A Successful Digital Sales Transformation

In this article, we’ve outlined six steps to help guide your organization through a digital sales transformation.

Blog: Top 10 Strategies For Successful Sales Management

We’ve reevaluated the strategies and tools needed for successful sales management as more companies settle into a new working environment for the long haul.

Blog: How To Manage A Remote Sales Team

Managing remote sales teams is now the new norm. As leaders across inside sales and field sales adapt, there are a few key differences to be aware of.

Blog: The Difference (Or Lack Thereof) Between Inside Sales And Outside Sales Just Title

Overnight, the concept of inside sales vs outside sales essentially disappeared. Field sales teams were grounded, and in response, many businesses scrambled to make internal changes.

Blog: KPIs Sales Managers Should Use To Track Remote Reps Right Now

At this time, there is a “new normal” that must be accepted. Managers must now shift their attention to new KPIs, or key performance indicators — the metrics that matter for remote, digital sellers.

Blog: Sales Engagement Platform vs. CRM: The Importance of Having Both

In the world of customer relationships and business, companies are being urged to use both Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools and a Sales Engagement Platform (SEP).