GlossarySales Engagement Platform

What is a Sales Engagement Platform?

A Sales engagement platform, or a sales engagement software, is a software application that supports sales engagement activities within your organization by enabling sellers to utilize omni-channel sales cadences to drive revenue. Sales engagement refers to the interactions between your sales team and your prospective buyers before converting them into paying customers.

Sales engagement platforms aim to collate and centralize all of the touchpoints between your business and your sales leads. However, with hundreds or thousands of prospects and many thousands of touchpoints among these prospects, manually keeping track of these interactions is nearly impossible—and a waste of time in any event. That’s where sales engagement software comes in.

The goals of sales engagement platforms include:

  • Automating low-level and repetitive parts of the sales process. For example, you can schedule an automated email once prospects enter their contact details on your website and follow up with a personalized call a few days later.
  • Integrating data and conversations across different sources and channels. Sales engagement software helps your sales representatives access all the information on a given prospect in a single centralized location, saving valuable time.

The benefits of sales engagement platforms include:

  • Greater productivity and efficiency: By incorporating workflow automation into your sales process, sales engagement software frees up your sales reps’ valuable time to concentrate on higher-level activities that generate more revenue.
  • Data-driven decision-making: Sales engagement software gives your sales team more information on your sales process from start to finish, from email open rates to social media clicks and shares. In turn, you can use these insights and metrics to optimize your sales workflow iteratively.
  • Higher revenues: Ultimately, by increasing both the volume and the quality of your interactions with leads, sales engagement software seeks to make your sales team more successful and help your business revenues grow.

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