GlossarySales Engagement

What is Sales Engagement?

Sales engagement is the collective set of interactions between your sales team and your prospective buyers and current customers, often conducted via an omni-channel cadence within a sales engagement platform. These touchpoints can include email, phone calls, social media, videos, and sms messages.

In today’s increasingly stratified, atomized digital landscape, just getting a prospect’s attention is enough of a challenge. According to Gartner, for example, it can take 18 or more calls to connect with a prospective buyer over the phone.

It’s not hard to see why so many businesses see the value of gathering sales engagement data. Sales engagement gives organizations cold, hard, data-driven information about the successes and shortcomings of their sales operations. The benefits of sales engagement include:

  • Determining which sales content, activities, tactics and practices are the most effective and which need refinement and improvement.
  • Creating standardized benchmarks for different stages of the sales process.
  • Improving team members’ pitches and conversion rates, ultimately increasing sales revenue.
  • Tracking individual team members’ performance to identify training and coaching opportunities.

Most importantly, sales engagement is an essential technique because it helps your sales representatives understand the best way to tailor their messaging to different segments and prospects. Your sales reps’ time is a valuable commodity: one study found that representatives spend just 35 percent of their time, on average, in revenue-generating activities (i.e. selling). Rather than wasting time on content or audiences that are unlikely to be productive, sales reps can use the guided selling functionality made possible with a sales engagement platform to invest more of their effort into the most promising prospects or topics.

In order to automate and improve the sales engagement process, many businesses make use of sales engagement software that helps centralize and enhance the various components of sales engagement.

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