GlossaryInside Sales

What is Inside Sales?

Inside sales is a selling process that takes place remotely—rather than from within any office-based environment. The process of inside sales differs from selling in the days of yore, once called “outside sales”; no longer do inside sales professionals rely on any in-person meetings between the salesperson (or team) and their lead or potential customer.

Inside Sales: A Tech-Reliant Sales Technique

Instead of in-person meetings, inside sales teams rely on technological solutions to handle the selling process from the comfort of their own office (or remote workspace), and they may utilize a range of tools to help them communicate with leads in an effective manner, like the computer, smartphone, or even social media networks.

Sometimes, inside sales is done via email communications—and sometimes, inside sales teams use telephone technology, in conjunction with integrated sales software, that helps them sell via phone and keep track of every interaction along the way.

You may have heard the term before, and wondered: what is inside sales? One reason you may not have heard the term—despite the popularity of the process—is because the selling technique has become so ubiquitous that nearly all people mean “inside sales” when they simply use the term “sales.”

Benefits of Inside Sales

Inside sales works for both B2C and B2B businesses, but it has been more comprehensively adopted in the B2B realm. Why are inside sales so important and what are the benefits of adopting an inside sales approach?

  • Boosted productivity: Conduct all selling from your desk, without needing to take time to travel and meet with potential leads in person
  • Happier customers: Surveys show that even customers prefer to be sold to via online or phone communication, and not in-person meetings. Choose the type of selling that most appeals to the people whose buy-in you want.
  • More streamlined in-office processes: Inside sales allows you to communicate from the office and keep track of all interactions in one place. That way anyone in any department can see how a lead has been contacted and where they’re at in the process, and it can help ensure there is no redundant communication, and that everyone is addressed in a way that moves the process forward. No more selling, marketing, or offering support in silos.

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