GlossaryGuided Selling

What is Guided Selling?

Guided selling is a sales process that allows sellers to have better buyer engagements by helping them deliver the right message, via the right channels at the right time, eliminating the guesswork, and giving them more time to do what they do best – sell.

Today, people who work in digital sales can consistently rely on technology to help improve their sales processes. Guided selling is a seller-centric process of utilizing technological sales tools to help sales team members find more potential customers, nurture more leads, and close more deals in a more efficient manner than ever before.

What Is Guided Selling? The Basics

B2B buyer journeys are faster than ever today, with more knowledge and information always at everyone’s fingertips. To close more deals, B2B salespeople need access to data-driven insights, which can guide how they engage with their leads. When businesses utilize a guided selling process, they create a consistent system by which all sellers approach and nurture their customers. Guided selling is often done using a sales engagement platform and uses buyer data to ensure that every customer interaction is meaningful and effective and that every action taken by a seller adds value to a potential customer’s journey — so at every touchpoint with a potential seller, they feel more driven to buy.

Guided Selling: The Benefits

Guided selling codifies and creates a consistent selling process based on data. This helps all salespeople at an organization close deals, regardless of their experience or the depth of their relationship with potential customers. There are more benefits to guided selling, including:

  • More time selling: With guided selling, reps don’t have to worry about when they should send messages and via what channels as they are leveraging a pre-built sales cadence that streamlines the selling process.
  • Reps become invaluable consultants: Guided selling allows sales reps to become subject matter and product experts in their field. Customers can completely rely on a sales rep to know what they need and when they’ll need it.
  • Reps create repeat buyers: With sales reps who are so good at knowing what a customer needs and when they need it, customers are happy with their buying experience — and they return to buy the next product or service when they’ve outgrown their first purchase because the first purchase met their needs so well.

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