INCREASERep Productivity

Maintain best practices across your entire sales team.

Shorten sales cycles and close more deals by connecting with economic buyers with less effort and better results. Conquer makes selling smarter for your reps by delivering actionable insights, engagement, and automation from right within Salesforce – with no application switching required.

With our native sales engagement platform, organizations can:

  • Reach and close buyers faster by combining voice and omnichannel communications with AI
  • Gain visibility into the sales process and drive rep efficiency without relying on rep data input
  • Close more revenue with guided selling tools and competitive battle cards
  • Understand revenue generation at a deeper level with advanced analytics to correlate every rep action to closed-won opportunities

With Conquer, you can increase productivity by enabling sales teams to accomplish all activity inside Salesforce with no manual data entry required.

Features and Benefits

Maximize Productivity for Your Sellers

In today’s competitive business world, having a great product or service is not enough. To succeed, you need an effective sales process that can help you close deals quickly and efficiently.

With Conquer, sales teams and sales leaders can maximize sales efficiency, sales productivity, and sales acceleration with native sales engagement platform to:

  • Save time by eliminating manual data entry for your reps
  • Accelerate sales by giving reps proven cadences, messaging templates, and real-time battle cards on calls
  • Increase productivity, reduce ramp up and training time with real-time coaching
  • Provide access omnichannel communications without ever needing to leave Salesforce
  • Start immediately with a sales efficiency platform that doesn’t require IT resources
Salesforce Sales Enablement
Salesforce Call Logging

A Single Platform

Make the most of your Salesforce investment. With Conquer, your reps never have to switch applications to communicate with their customers and prospects. All communication channels, including enterprise-class voice, are available directly inside the familiar Salesforce user interface. Onboard new reps quicker with only one platform and interface to learn for all sales activities.

With Conquer, you can:

  • Track and log every interaction into your CRM without any manual intervention or data sync
  • Leverage data and context for future conversations with prospects
  • Provide the entire conversation history in a single view for every prospect
  • Let reps focus on selling with intelligent automation to handle manual tasks

Guided Selling Across Your Entire Team

One of the biggest challenges that sales teams face is scalability. Utilizing the right tools to give you insights at each stage of your sales process and improve your strategy is critical to significantly shortening closing times. With the right guided selling solution in place, you can increase productivity for every seller by providing them with the strategies and messaging that you know works best.

With Conquer’s native sales engagement platform, sales teams at any level can:

  • Increase sales efficiency by automating Salesforce CRM data with no manual input or syncing
  • Correlate every rep action to revenue with intelligent reporting at every touchpoint
  • Develop a repeatable sales process with intelligent cadences to ensure consistency, follow-up, and increased sales
  • Improve win rate with tools to help sales teams allocate resources effectively
Sales Efficiency Software

Proven Sales Productivity Tools and Sales Engagement Software

Conquer’s technology helps sales teams gain insights into customer behavior and preferences, allowing them to personalize their sales approach and improve their closed-won rates.

With sales engagement software native to Salesforce, sales teams can automate tasks, streamline workflows, and gain insights into their sales pipeline.

Building a strong sales team is essential for scaling and accelerating the sales process. By providing them with ongoing training and development and creating a culture of accountability and excellence, sales leaders can ensure revenue goals are met with performance measurement and tracking at every touchpoint.

Learn how we help enterprise sales teams maximize sales efficiency and performance.

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