Conquer Voice

Conquer Voice

Make Calls with a Single Click, Fully Capture Every Conversation

Conquer Voice is native to both Microsoft and Salesforce CRM, and connects with any dial tone provider to enable single-click calling and voicemail drop exactly how you want it – desktop, cell phone, or VoIP.

With Conquer Voice, your enterprise can automatically track and log all call information into your CRM, then leverage that available data and context for future conversations with your prospects and customers.

In addition, Conquer Voice enables your organization to execute dynamic call campaigns, built directly from source reports in your CRM. And, optimize your inbound response with Conquer Call Flows.

Conquer Voice Unique Benefits

Click to Dial

Click on any phone field in your Microsoft or Salesforce CRM to instantly place a call. Save time normally spent manually dialing and engage prospects and existing customers with ease.

Call Dispositions

Measure the outcome of every call with dispositions to gain an understanding of which strategies are working best. Eliminate the manual tasks of logging fields and progressing leads with automation tied to each disposition, customized to best suit the needs and processes of your specific enterprise organization.

Voicemail Drop

Pre-recorded voicemails are simply and intuitively clicked-and-dropped in the Conquer Voice interface without having to wait for the beep to record every time, allowing you to continue on to other activities while Conquer delivers your voicemail message for you.

Call Flows

Route inbound callers to the right agent, every time. Use Conquer Call Flows to easily create your own Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system and direct callers to the best agent or resource in your organization based on time-of-day, skillset and record data found in your CRM.

Real-time Battlecards

Gain the knowledge you need, when you need it. Conquer Voice surfaces competitive battlecards when keywords or topics are detected on the call to ensure your team always knows what to say to gain the edge on competitors and counter objections.

Carrier-Grade Telephony

Conquer Voice uses our Tier 1 carrier networks to provide the best call quality. Multiple interconnections allow for immediate call routing adjustments if necessary.