I already have Salesforce, why do I need Conquer Cadence?

If you are a large enterprise currently using Salesforce, you likely either have, or are soon to require a Sales Engagement Platform (SEP) to guide your sales reps and optimize their day-to-day sales activities across all communication channels. While the Salesforce CRM is your repository of customer data, an SEP is your method of orchestrating the sequential guided selling steps necessary to move prospects into your sales funnel and through your pipeline.

After determining your need for an SEP, choose wisely. Conquer Cadence is unique from all other SEPs by being truly native to Salesforce. As such, only Conquer Cadence keeps customer data both secure and continuously accurate - without a bi-directional sync, since your data never leaves Salesforce. Conquer Cadence is also the only SEP that guarantees your sales results by quantifiably improving your sales process through guided selling that coordinates and schedules all your omnichannel touch points - without ever having to enter that data into Salesforce.

For more information on why enterprises need a truly native SEP, please read our one-pager on the topic found here.

Are Sales Engagement and Sales Enablement the same thing?

Yes and no. The classic distinction is that Sales Engagement refers to Guided Selling and Sales Enablement refers to Rep Training. However, analyst firms may use the terms interchangeably.

Conquer is featured in Aragon’s report on leading Sales Enablement Vendors (available on our website), and also featured in Gartner’s Market Guide for Sales Engagement Applications (Gartner clients can login to view/download the Gartner report).

Other vendors say they’re native. Why does truly native matter?

Truly native means built and residing inside the CRM, not built or residing as a separate application. Conquer Cadence is the ONLY truly native Sales Engagement Platform for Salesforce. Despite what they say, Outreach, Salesloft, Groove and all other vendors are separate applications that require data from their standalone application to perform a bi-directional data sync with Salesforce.

This lack of being truly native forces the customer records to constantly attempt to sync between the two independent Sales Engagement Platform and CRM silos in order to be temporarily accurate, which is problematic for users as well as for any type of reporting that relies on a single undisputed source of truth.

With Conquer, data never leaves Salesforce and never has to sync, since Conquer Cadence and the user interface live truly native INSIDE Salesforce. This means your data and reports are always accurate. More information about why truly native should be important to Sales Engagement Platform prospects and customers can be found here.

What’s an example of Seamless Access™ in Conquer Cadence?

When Conquer Cadence users need to access LinkedIn to send a LinkedIn message as a guided selling step, they do so directly from the Conquer user interface inside of Salesforce, without switching tabs or using a copy and paste process from outside the Conquer interface. The LinkedIn message is sent “seamlessly” from within Conquer Cadence, and both the sent and the reply LinkedIn messages can be viewed seamlessly inside Conquer. And, these two new message touchpoints can also be viewed immediately in real time via the LinkedIn app.

Each omnichannel is accessed in this same seamless manner via Conquer, with the respective touchpoints also being reflected and visible in real time, including email (both Gmail and Outlook 365), voice, social, video and text. All these required applications are being used with Seamless Access from Conquer’s single pane of glass inside of Salesforce.

What does Conquer mean by Holistic?

As part of a Conquer Cadence guided selling sequence, numerous omnichannel touchpoints are both encouraged and often used together in best practice. If those touchpoints include, for example, both an outbound call or voicemail and a text message, the recipient could listen to the voicemail but elect to respond via text. Since Conquer orchestrates and views all the sequential steps of the guided selling touchpoints in Cadence, our clients have a holistic view of all omnichannel interactions (including voice).

Depending upon the situation and the client, this holistic approach allows modifications to be made to the overall omnichannel strategy based on response patterns, to further optimize moving the Cadence ahead and accelerating the process of transforming the lead to an opportunity with a clearly qualified economic buyer.

We tried Outreach or Salesloft or Groove and they didn’t work for us. Why will Conquer Cadence work?

Other than Conquer clients who are first time customers in the Sales Engagement Platform arena, most were previously clients of our competitors. The key reasons for their disappointment and subsequent move to Conquer Cadence were consistently related to those other competitor’s non-truly native designs. These reasons include:

  • Poor adoption rates: Clients had paid SEP licenses but high percentages of users who either abandoned or simply did not use the product because it was easier to only use Salesforce than to learn a second, related but separate product and switch back and forth between the two.
  • Bi-directional sync problems: Required data syncs caused confusion and accuracy problems for both users and senior management, such as records not updated and/or activities not logged in Salesforce (as they are automatically in Conquer Cadence), records being different between systems and reporting challenges because of inconsistent data sets between the SEP vendor product and Salesforce.
  • Compliance issues: Non-truly native SEPs require the various separate applications to be integrated, and some of those applications do not meet compliance standards required by large enterprises.

For a more extensive (and honest) comparison of Sales Engagement Platform vendors, please visit this easy to read one-page collateral piece.

Where can I find more technical information about Conquer Voice and Conquer Cadence?

Please click on the Support button at the very top right of each page on the Conquer website. This will take you to the Support site where user related technical information is freely available. Other material and detailed administrator related technical information is also available on the Support site for customers only and requires a login.

How long after we sign our contract until Cadence is live in our company?

Quickly! Since Conquer Cadence is truly native inside Salesforce, you will avoid the inevitable security or compliance issues that delay implementation when working with other SEP vendors. Even with the configuration requirements and complexity of large enterprises, your entire sales team should expect to be live on Cadence in as little as 60 - 90 days.

Was the company previously called DialSource?

Yes. DialSource Denali was, and remains, the market leading (and truly native to CRM) enterprise-class voice solution that accelerates voice communication automation in a completely secure and compliant way. The company was renamed Conquer in 2021 in conjunction with the debut of Conquer Cadence, and our original voice product was renamed Conquer Voice.

Can I ask you a question that’s not listed here?

Of course! As long as you are a human being and not a bot, please send an email to our marketing team and we will make sure you get a timely and high quality response.