Make Selling Smarterwith Conquer

Reach Buyers Faster with the Only Sales Engagement Platform Native to Salesforce.

Conquer Cadence makes selling smarter. Meet your buyers where they are communicating with omnichannel communications and flexible follow-up cadences. Automatically track and log all customer interactions directly to Salesforce, so you always have a clear view of what is working best across your entire sales organization.

The only Sales Engagement Platform built natively inside Salesforce, Conquer Cadence helps enterprise sales teams win big by providing specifically designed sales engagement and guided selling tools, including the actionable insights needed to generate more pipeline, shorten sales cycles and close more deals.

The Only Omnichannel Sales Engagement Platform Native to Salesforce

Conquer Cadence is the only Sales Engagement Platform that can ensure your customer’s Salesforce records are completely 100% accurate and updated automatically, including data from custom Salesforce fields, across every possible omnichannel interaction your team conducts.

Conquer Cadence will provide your best sales results and business outcomes, backed by data-driven insights.

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