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Product Release: Meet Conquer

Meet Conquer, an entirely new omnichannel communication solution for sales and service teams on Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 platforms.

With $26.1M in total funding and over 15 years of engineering experience, Conquer (formerly DialSource) is announcing the launch of its fully transformed revenue engagement solution, built for the needs of modern revenue teams.

“It’s thrilling to officially launch Conquer, solving a critical pain point for how teams engage customers and grow revenue,” said Omar Haq, COO of Conquer. “We created Conquer with the vision of helping teams break down barriers and optimize what matters most: relationships.”


Our solution has advanced from a voice application to a complete omnichannel application.

There’s no doubt that the way we sell has changed. Just one year after the shutdown of most business travel and work-from-home orders that forced sellers to transition to a digital-first sales model, “58% of sales reps expect their role to change permanently,” according to Salesforce. Yet, many enterprises still struggle to enable sales and service teams in this new environment.

“We are focused on improving how to connect buyers and sellers in meaningful ways,” said Tim Harris, VP of Marketing at Conquer. “Our solution has been built from the ground up within both Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365, rather than through acquisition. We know that this is where teams are working every day and see an opportunity to support the millions of sales and service users that log on to these CRMs.”

The potential is huge. Sales Engagement Platforms (SEP) alone represent a $1.57 billion market and are expected to be worth $5.59 billion by 2023. In addition, the cloud-based contact center market is expected to grow from $11.5 billion in 2020 to $36.1 billion by 2025, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25.8%.

For these two rapidly growing segments, communications and engagement solutions have been disappointingly separate, until now.
At a time when 38% of businesses have prioritized cost reductions, sales technology buyers will push their core partners to deliver more value. Conquer provides enterprise teams with the only end-to-end customer engagement solution built natively within Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 platforms, solving the needs of both sales engagement and cloud contact center point solutions.

“We want partners to work through our roadmap and strategy. Conquer is more of a partner than software. While stability is important during tough times, if you have the right partner, you can work through any challenge by showing up and figuring out what can be done together.”

– Denise Drake, Sales Enablement Manager, PAYCHEX

Buyer expectations have also changed in other ways. Now, B2B buyers expect the same level of personalized, consistent experience they get from leading B2C brands; the type of meaningful context that creates a truly positive buying experience—a relationship with the company that gets stronger with every interaction.
Yet, creating a positive buying experience can be a major challenge for today’s B2B enterprises. According to Salesforce data, “59% of customers say it generally feels like they’re communicating with separate departments, not one company.”

The Revenue Dilemma.

The way that enterprises sell and serve is out of sync with buyer expectations. Businesses remain siloed around specialized roles, business units, functions, tools, and platforms. To drive growth and maximize lifetime customer value it’s critical to deliver a seamless customer experience. Of course, this is the purpose of a CRM: To enable enterprises to see the complete 360-degree customer view, even when the data is in separate systems.

Unfortunately, most of today’s tech stacks have become a complex web of integrations and separate platforms, leading to an operational nightmare of siloed information, duplicate data, and compliance challenges. This chaotic mess of systems and tools doesn’t deliver on the goal—unifying the entire customer journey into one seamless experience. It’s only led to more friction and less agility across the teams that impact revenue. There’s still far too much wasted effort.

As a native application for both Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365, Conquer works inside CRM making sales and service teams more effective at gaining access, growing pipeline, winning revenue, and strengthening customer relationships.

Conquer’s technology makes it simple to plan, execute, and optimize every customer interaction directly within the CRM platform that businesses already use today. Conquer solves the problem of platform sprawl by transforming your system of record into a platform for engagement. With Conquer, you have access to:

A comprehensive customer engagement solution.
  • Guided Selling + Service – Intelligently prescribe the best series of customer touchpoints. Deliver standardized, consistent messages, with room to personalize along the way.

  • Omni-Channel – Unify all your customer touchpoints and make it easy to deliver a cohesive, consistent customer experience every time.

  • Inbound Call Flows (IVR) – Leverage a visual builder to construct inbound routing rules from simple ring groups to advanced skill-based routing and extensive phone trees. Built on a proprietary, fully-secure global telephony network.

  • Data Capture – Avoid busy work and have complete visibility with automatic activity tracking and data capture directly inside CRM.

  • Telephony Network – Ensure reliable calls every time with Conquer’s Global Tier 1 Carrier Network. Conquer automatically routes calls through the best carrier to remove latency, as well as reroute calls if any carrier is experiencing an outage.

  • Automation, Reporting & Insights – Avoid human errors and track every interaction instantly, then build your strategy using a complete, 360-degree view of your customer.


Backed by over 15 years of engineering, Conquer is a trusted ISV partner for both Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365, two of the largest CRM ecosystems. With over 400+ 5-star reviews on Salesforce AppExchange and the most sales engagement deployments within the ecosystem, enterprise organizations trust Conquer to drive revenue engagement.

“Conquer is a huge tool for us and a big part of our success as we transitioned to work from home…Conquer has been really key for us. It’s really holding everything together…we’d be flying blind without Conquer.”

– Jason Green, VP of Ticket Sales and Service, LA Clippers

Recognized as a G2 High Performer for Winter 2021 and named an “Innovator” in Sales Enablement by Aragon research, Conquer is a valued partner for ADP, Waste Management, PAYCHEX, Toast, and many other enterprise organizations to acquire, grow, and retain customers by building long-lasting relationships through a connected buyer journey.

About Conquer 

Conquer is the first end-to-end Revenue Engagement Solution for enterprise sales and service teams. As a native application for both Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365, Conquer works inside your existing CRM to make sales and service teams more effective at gaining access, growing pipeline, winning revenue, and strengthening customer relationships.

We help sales and service teams conquer their day. For more information, visit Conquer.io

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