Consolidate Your Tech StackSave Your Budget in 2024 with the Best Sales Tools

With all our belts tightening going into 2024, it’s time to reexamine what is and isn’t working for your sellers. Which tools are you actually getting value from? Learn more about how to select the most impactful tools for your team.

CRM-Native Platform

Conquer is native to Salesforce, giving your sellers a single platform to learn and operate, with access to all communication channels without ever leaving the CRM.

Automate CRM Busy Work

Reduce the time and energy your team spends on manual inputs. Conquer automatically logs all activities for your reps in Salesforce, so they can focus on building relationships and connecting more.

AI Insights

Conquer’s AI Insights examine your calls to provide post-call analysis, including an AI-generated summary, call score, sentiment, objections, and next best actions.

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Industry-Leading Brands Trust Conquer to Power Their Conversations


Increase in User Adoption

Increase in Sales Operation Efficiency

Increase in Average Deal Size

Conquer Your Sales ObstaclesMore Conversations, Better Data, Less Time.

Take the guesswork out of your reps’ day by prescribing who, why and when to call across any number of campaigns – directly within your CRM.

  • Reach and close buyers faster
  • Gain visibility and drive rep efficiency
  • Understand your revenue generation process
  • Stay compliant, effortlessly

“[Conquer] has provided us with an efficiency 5 to 10 fold what we had before on our outbound efforts and we’ve seen immediate ROI – the tool really does pay for itself quickly.”

Philip Horn, VP Ticket Sales and Services
Sacramento Kings