GlossaryNative Sales Engagement

What is Native Sales Engagement?

Native sales engagement is a sales engagement that is built directly – or natively – into the CRM so sales reps do not have to switch back and forth between applications when communicating with prospects and customers.

Native sales engagement comes with numerous benefits, including the elimination of any type of bi-directional sync between two applications. This means that your data and reports will be accurate and up-to-date in real time. Additionally, sales reps no longer need to switch between separate applications as they will have all their omnichannel communication needs directly in the CRM.

The benefits don’t only extend to the sales team. IT and security teams will have much fewer headaches as native sales engagement doesn’t require additional security reviews because companies have already completed that process when implementing their CRM.

Many sales engagement vendors will try and sell you on their applications being native but only one is truly native, Conquer Cadence. Built directly in Salesforce, Conquer Cadence is the ONLY truly native SEP on the market. We don’t require a bi-directional data sync. Ever.

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