Conquer Your Financial Sales

Our platform makes it easy for financial sales leaders and their teas to execute, track, and optimize every interaction with complete, end-to-end customer lifecycle management built directly within your CRM. All while ensuring complete customer data privacy. 

Automate data capture and workflows, transforming your CRM from a data management platform to a sales engagement platform to:

  • Improve sales outcomes and revenue.
  • Reduce manual tasks and accelerate pipeline goals. 
  • Strengthen customer knowledge for personalized engagement.
  • Protect customer PII with superior data privacy. 

What We Do

Conquer makes your financial sales teams more efficient and effective by delivering intelligent sales insight, engagement, and automation. Conquer works inside your existing CRM to make teams reach and close buyers faster by eliminating the need for data syncs and automating ramp-up and training. 

Generate More Pipeline

Automation helps you connect with more prospects every day

Shorten the Sales Cycle

Omnichannel access allows your sales teams to engage on the prospects preferred channel

Close More Deals

Full guided selling platform accelerates closing timelines


We work in close partnership every day with our enterprise clients to unlock their full selling potential. Here is what just a few of our clients have to say:

“Conquer is more of a partner than a software. While stability is important during tough times, if you have the right partner, you can work through any challenge by showing up and figuring out what can be done together.”

– Denise Drake, Sales Enablement Manager, Paychex

“Conquer has been a HUGE time saver throughout the day. Not only does it make life easier by having voicemails done automatically at the push of a button, but it lets me get through my calls faster…”


– Brent Vogel (Salesforce AppExchange)

“I’m more productive and efficient with Conquer. I make over a hundred calls a day, and being able to click a number and have the phone call begin makes my job even easier.”


– Marquise Church, Account Manager, Sacramento Kings

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Talk to Sales

Get in touch with our sales team today, and let’s talk about how Conquer can help accelerate your sales process and increase sales team performance.