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Conquer is the only sales engagement platform native to Salesforce. We increase seller efficiency and reduce seller’s friction by providing customized enterprise sales enablement solutions.

How Conquer Is Different

With Conquer, you can enable your sellers to generate more pipeline and shorten sales cycles from entirely within Salesforce.

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Increase Salesforce Adoption

by keeping your team in-platform.
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Decrease Seller Friction

with guided selling and sales enablement that prescribes successful sales actions across your organization.
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One tool for your entire revenue team.
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Close More Revenue

with less ramp-up and training through AI-assisted guided selling.
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Natively Built into Salesforce

means no integration, mitigate compliance risks and reduce PII liabilities.


We work in close partnership every day with our enterprise clients to unlock their full selling potential. Here is what just a few of our clients have to say:

“Conquer is more of a partner than a software. While stability is important during tough times, if you have the right partner, you can work through any challenge by showing up and figuring out what can be done together.”

Denise Drake,
Sales Enablement Manager,

“Conquer has been a HUGE time saver throughout the day. Not only does it make life easier by having voicemails done automatically at the push of a button, but it lets me get through my calls faster…”

Brent Vogel
(Salesforce AppExchange)

“I’m more productive and efficient with Conquer. I make over a hundred calls a day, and being able to click a number and have the phone call begin makes my job even easier.”

Marquise Church,
Account Manager,
Sacramento Kings


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Talk to Sales

Get in touch with our sales team today, and let’s talk about how Conquer can help accelerate your sales process and increase sales team performance.