GlossaryVoice Cadence

What is a Voice Cadence?

A voice cadence is a sequence of phone calls to a prospect or customer via a sales engagement platform to drive revenue.

Phone conversations are a critical part of the sales process if done right. However, if your voice cadence is off, you can become annoying or a nuisance to potential customers. Or, on the other hand, you might be forgotten by them if you let too long go between conversations.

Using the telephone for sales isn’t as simple as picking up the phone once or picking up the phone whenever you feel like it. In reality, it takes mastering a voice cadence – or the right rhythm of having phone conversations with your leads so you’re sure that you’re reaching out to them at the right frequency.

Learn the Preferences of Your Customers and Leads to Master Voice Cadences

Here are some tips for mastering voice cadence, so the telephone is a sales tool you can always rely on.

  • Ask your customers and leads off the bat how much they like to talk on the phone. Younger generations might never want to have conversations and will want to be reached via text or email. Alternatively, some leads may indicate to you times that are good for them to talk on the phone and how often they appreciate being contacted. Get the information from the horse’s mouth, and you can trust it.
  • Use data about calls to ensure you’re doing it right. Track all customer activity at every touchpoint to know if your sales call efforts are working or if you need to scale back.

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