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What is Cadence Software?

Cadence software is a tool or application that allows sellers to leverage omni-channel (email, phone, video, social, text) sales cadences to communicate with prospects and customers.

Defining and implementing the right sales cadences can mean the difference between a dysfunctional sales workflow and an automated sales workflow that dramatically increases your revenue and grows the business. Sales cadence software tools are therefore essential to unlocking your sales representatives’ success and productivity and achieving successful sales management.

The Benefits of Cadence Software Include:

  • Greater predictability: With cadence software, all sales reps have access to the same information and workflows at their fingertips. This introduces predictability and reliability into your sales processes, rather than haphazard attempts at lead conversion.
  • Scaling your sales pipeline: Thanks to sales automation, cadence software helps your sales reps free up more of the finite hours in their workday. As a result, it’s dramatically easier to scale your sales pipeline and reach out to more leads in less time.

Cadence software should help you with the various components of building a sales cadence:

  • Timing (days of the week and times of day to make contact)
  • Frequency (how often to reach out to prospects)
  • Channel (communication methods such as phone calls, emails, social media, etc.)
  • Audience (the various groups and segments of different types of prospects)
  • Content (sales material such as e-books, white papers and case studies)

Another name for cadence software is a sales engagement platform. At Conquer, we have the only SEP truly native to Salesforce – Conquer Cadence.

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