GlossaryDigital Sales

What is Digital Sales?

Digital sales is the term used to describe a sales rep’s utilization of virtual channels to contact potential prospects, provide them with education on your product or service and ultimately provide them with a solution that satisfies their unique needs.

Digital sales give sales reps the ability to build relationships through both social and digital channels. This methodology was popularized during the pandemic but is likely here to stay. Digital sales aren’t intended to completely replace traditional sales, but rather exist to enhance sales through the use of digital channels. These digital channels give you much needed access to key information that, in turn, helps you make smarter, quicker decisions.

How to Create a Digital Sales Model

There are several different strategies you can utilize in the creation of your digital sales model. First and foremost is the use of customer data. Whether this includes data your business already has on file or data you and your business can collect from social media profiles and the like, this customer data helps you to better understand your customer and better sell to them specifically.

Another key component of the creation of a digital sales model is the utilization of digital channels. Whether it be social media, email, text messaging or video, digital channels can help you create a digital sales model that gets the most out of its virtual channels.

Beyond this, there’s also the distribution of digital content to your leads. From personalized content you created yourself to curated content you gathered from third party sources to online case studies that show real-world examples of your product or service in action, digital content can take your digital sales model to the next level.

A critical tool for a digital sales model is a sales engagement platform that allows your sales team to reach prospects via omnichannel sales cadences.

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