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What is an Email Cadence?

An email cadence is a sequence of emails sent to prospects and customers via a sales engagement platform. Getting an email cadence right can mean the difference between a company that feels annoying to customers – and one that feels valuable, informative and worth building a strong relationship with.

When your business depends on making sales regularly to generate revenue, you should be using every channel available to you to reach potential leads and prospects. One of the most important avenues through which you should be communicating to potential customers today is email. If you can master the sales email, you can ensure you get your company on your audience’s radar—then ultimately convince them to buy. An important part of nailing sales emails is nailing the right email cadence.

Mastering Email Cadences

Here are some tips so you can master email cadence at your company

  • Sign up for competitors’ newsletters or email lists to see their nurturing sequence/email cadence. This can give you some good insight into what other companies in your field are doing, and to see if it feels like it works—or pushes you away.
  • Use a data collecting and analyzing tool. Data is your friend when it comes to getting the rhythm of your emails right, so make concrete, information-based decisions instead of guessing when to send your emails.
  • Get customer feedback. Your leads and customers may simply respond or unsubscribe to your emails, letting you know your email cadence isn’t quite right. Use their feedback to guide how you tweak the cadence.

Emails are a critical part of any sales cadence. Conquer Cadence allows you to create email cadences directly within Salesforce.

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