Selling Smarter: Harnessing AI as a Teammate

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the sales process represents one of the most significant evolutions in how businesses interact with their customers. As AI technology continues its upward trajectory, its applications within the sales sector have become both a necessity and a game-changer for sales professionals worldwide. Essentially, if you are not already using or considering how AI factors into your organization's go-to-market process, you are already behind. In this post, we'll explore how AI can enhance communication during the sales process and improve the...

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6 Steps to a Successful Digital Sales Transformation

In this article, we’ve outlined six steps to help guide your organization through a digital sales transformation. These steps will maximize the effectiveness of your transformation initiative and help drive your sales team to new heights. The role of sales has forever been changed by technology and the digitalization of society. The days of closing deals on the golf course are long gone. To compete in today’s hypercompetitive market, revenue organizations must not only embrace technology—they must prioritize it as a mission-critical pillar of modern business. Sales teams are now faced...

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The Difference

Following the recent lockdown measures and work-from-home strategies, the role of outside sales reps dramatically shifted. Overnight, the concept of inside sales vs outside sales essentially disappeared. Field sales teams were grounded, and in response, many businesses scrambled to make internal changes. To ensure the ongoing growth and success of your company, you must adjust to the new normal and come to terms with the fact that your business model has now changed. Your go-to-market strategy will continue to change and if you do not adapt, you will be left behind. We Have Been...

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Top 10 Successful Sales Management

TOP TEN We’ve reevaluated the strategies and tools needed for successful sales management as more companies settle into a new working environment for the long haul. One thing that hasn’t changed: sales managers are still instrumental in the growth of company revenue. They observe sales practices at ground level, set goals, implement strategies, and track the numbers. The potential for exponential revenue growth lies with the sales manager’s direct line to sales enablement and sales operations. Productivity plays an important part in driving sales. The more efficient you can make your...

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KPIs Sales Managers Should Use

In January, approximately 60 million were put under full or partial lockdown following the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China. This triggered what many are referring to as the “world’s biggest work-from-home experiment and KPIs were one of many things undergoing considerable change. By early March, millions of Americans were forced to leave their offices and work-from-home. For most, this occurred within a 24 to 48-hour timeframe, creating a wide spectrum of complex challenges — both in terms of sales teams and their managers. While previously, only 7 percent of U.S. workers had the...

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The 5 Essential

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We break down how digital transformation impacts your business, why your business must embrace it, and how to prepare your company accordingly. In what has been dubbed the 4th Industrial Revolution, technology is rapidly changing just about every aspect of business and consumer behavior. The digital era is upon us—and it’s here to stay. Across the board, tech has had a profound impact on both the B2B and B2C realms. To keep up, companies must align their operations with the demands of today’s digitally-driven society. This dramatic shift toward new tools and processes is part of the...

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