Courtney Rice of the Sacramento Kings

In this episode of the Revenue Engagement Podcast, we discuss the organizational structure, strategic approaches, culture, and work relationships that are helping overcome challenging times and position the Kings for a strong rebound as soon as fans can come back courtside. We also dive into topics such as teaching intentionality and empathy to your team, the role of culture in an organization, the typical bottlenecks in aligning revenue teams, and ways to cultivate genuine business relationships....

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Rakhi Voria, Director, IBM Global Digital Sales and Development

In this episode of the Revenue Engagement Podcast, we have Rakhi Voria joining us on the show. Rakhi will be sharing her experience, knowledge, and wisdom from her time at both Microsoft and IBM building and leading global inside sales teams. Her approach to life and business, especially at an enterprise company, is unique and innovative and her success revolves around empowering others. According to Rakhi, if there is one thing she cannot do her job without, it's the people. Learn how empathy is her superpower.

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